Roulette Terminology – Play Like a Pro

Did you know that playing roulette like a pro involves several skills? Not only do you need to understand the available bets and strategies. You also need to get to grips with incredibly basic things, such as knowing roulette terminology. You can pick up most roulette lingo while you play. However, there are a couple of terms you may need to learn from the off. Join us as we explain more right here.

Inside and Outside Bets

Without knowing what inside and outside bets are, you’ve got no chance of betting on roulette. This is the most basic vocabulary you need to play roulette like a pro. Inside bets are those located on the inside of the betting table. As such, they are the ones that are the least likely to come good but offer the best payouts. By contrast, the outside bets are those located on the outside of the betting table, such as odds and evens, reds, and blacks. They are the most likely to turn up, so the prizes awarded for landing them are small – often little better than even money winnings.

The French Terms

When playing roulette online, you may come across a few French terms. This is especially true if you play French Roulette, of course. It is worth running over these quickly. Orphelins translates as Orphans, Tiers du Cylindre means Third of the Wheel, while Jeu de Zéro and Voisins Zéro translate from French into English as Zero Game and Neighbours of Zero. Again, these are typical roulette bets that you should familiarise yourself with.

Croupiers and Markers

If you happen to play roulette in a land-based venue, there are other terms you can familiarise yourself with. For instance, what do you know of croupiers and markers? Croupiers are the people who run roulette games, roulette’s equivalent of a dealer. By contrast, markets are chips that are placed on the winning number so that everybody can see what has happened.

Calls, Covers, Blocks and Racetracks

Finally, we should discuss Calls, Covers, Blocks and Racetracks. Calls stand for Call Bets. These are wagers that are placed orally in a land-based venue. Covers are also bets, but these are ones that are strategically placed to cover a large part of the wheel. You can also find Racetrack Bets. These are those located beside the betting board on the oval track. Finally, we have Block Bets. These are wagered on various parts of the wheel, covering several “blocks” or “sections” with a single bet.

Most of these bets are very strategic options, designed to ensure that you cover as much of the wheel as possible. Of course, they take some getting used to, and there is a learning curve. The first part of that learning curve is understanding the names of the bets and how they can impact your wagering options when betting on roulette online.


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