How To Enable Trust Browser On Iphone?

how to enable a trusted browser on iPhone? It is pretty easy to enable it, at first you need to open Trust Wallet and Select Settings, now go to Preferences and then DApp browser, now enable Trust DApp and then just go back to Dashboard.

The Trust Wallet DApp browser was just disabled only on Apple iOS devices and not on Android. So in that case the process of connecting to decentralized applications is extremely easier. Wondering 

DApps are very similar to that normal apps. Although, the only difference is that DApps run on the blockchain. But to start the process, you will be required to connect it to your crypto wallet to the DApp. 

Here in this article, we will discuss the various ways we can enable a trusted browser on iPhones. 

How To Enable DApp Browser On Trust Wallet On iOS/iPhone?

You might be thinking about How to proceed with “trust browser enable” on iOS devices?

Well, let us see how can you do that on both iOS and Android. Although, it is not easy to enable the DApp browser on a trusted wallet, in fact, you have to enable it manually. 

So here we will provide a step-by-step guide where we’ll be discussing all the ways to enable the DApp browser using the trust browser enable process-

Step 1- Launch the Browser- The very first step to enabling DApp on iOS is to launch the browser on your device. Multiple users use Chrome and other Web browsers but they face multiple issues with it. Therefore, it is wise to use the Safari browser. 

You can even download the Safari app directly from the App Store and on your iPhone.

Step 2- Search using the Trust Browser Enable URL trust://browser_enable- As soon as you open the Safari browser, move over to the search box that’s located right above. Now after you have located the search box you are required to paste the trust browser enable and then search it.
Before doing so make sure if you want to enable the DApp browser on iOS and you need to type the enable URL properly. 

Step 3- Confirm it- While you search for the wallet app using the trust browser enable URL, there will be a message popping up saying “Open this page in trust?” You will be provided with two options “Cancel” or “Open”.

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You need to click Open and you must confirm and launch the DApp browser trust wallet. Make sure not to press the cancel button as it will just stop this activity. To enable DApp hit the OPen button and start the process.

Step 4- Get the App- As the process of enabling DApp starts to get enabled on the app and you can check it on the bottom navigation bar of the trust wallet. You can see the enabled DApp browser at the bottom of the window. Now launch the DApp browser by clicking on the browser icon of the navigation bar.

However, in case you don’t see any browser icon, then probably it is because the DApp browser hasn’t been enabled yet. So wait for some time or else try an alternative method to enable the trust browser.

DApp browser not being enabled is an issue that has recently risen due to a series of updates that the trust wallet browser underwent.

Trust Browser Enable iphone

How To Activate/Enable DApp Browser On Trust Wallet?

Before you proceed to enable DApp Browser on Trust Wallet, you are required to download the trust wallet on your device first.

Once you finish downloading it, enabling the DApp browser on the Trust Wallet is very easy and rather simple. Here are the steps to activate/enable the DApp browser on Trust Wallet-

Step 1- Click on the URL that will open the Trust Wallet download page.

Step 2- After the download page opens, to get it to click on “Download Now”.

Step 3- Once you’re done with downloading, install the app on your device. You must also ensure that you have the recovery code for emergency purposes. 

Step 4- After installing the trust DApps browser you can just follow the same instructions you followed to enable the trust browser on iPhone or Android devices.

What To Do If You’re Get Issues While Enabling DApps On Trust Wallet?

A lot of issues appear when you’re trying to enable DApps on the Trust Wallet. Although there are no definite ways to solve it yet, we have tried to figure out the major reasons why this might be happening.

Let’s have a look at them first-

  1. Web Browser (Google Chrome/Safari) not responding.
  2. Error displaying “This Site Can’t Be Reached Error On Google Chrome”.
  3. Network Issues.

How To Enable Trust Browser On Iphone?


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does a trusted wallet have a browser?

In 2020, Trust Wallet decided to remove the trust DApp browser feature from its app. It primarily did this to meet the new App Store guidelines. 

When workarounds existed in the past, a later apple update prevented it from working. Although, you are still able to add a form of DApp browser to your Trust Wallet using Wallet Connect. 

2. Why is DApps not showing on the trust wallet?

This is happening because Trust Wallet removed its DAppbrowser feature from Apple iOS devices to follow the new Apple app store guidelines. 

Although, this change only applied and impacted iOS users who installed the Apple update after June 22nd, 2020. However, Android users are completely unaffected.

3. Is the DApp browser removed entirely from the iOS devices on the Trust Wallet?

It is very difficult to say if DApp browsers got entirely from the iOS devices on the Trust Wallet or not, but for now Trust Wallet removed DApps from its browser section as a way to comply with Apple. 

Although, you can still get it manually on both Android and iOS platforms conveniently. 

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