Update Problem – Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing

Even though the upgrades for the Apple Watch are far less significant than those for the iPhone and the Mac, installing them still takes an absurdly long time. Before making any hasty judgments, it is in everyone’s best interest to hold off for at least an hour.

Installing any future watchOS updates while the device is asleep will allow you to avoid dealing with wait times too long. Suppose you try to update your Apple Watch immediately after a significant watchiOS release.

You may encounter very sluggish download rates due to an overwhelming number of users accessing the servers. To reiterate, exercising patience is beneficial.

If you’ve done everything and are still Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing, it’s possible that you need to reset your Apple Watch. A factory reset brings the wearable back to its initial configuration, erasing all data and personalized settings. It includes any credit or debit cards you may have connected to the wearable to use Apple Pay.

This article will walk you through each step necessary to reset your Apple Watch. After the factory reset, you will need to repair your watch and perform a new software update.

Is Your Watch Stuck On Preparing

To our good fortune, finding a solution to this issue may not be too difficult. If your Apple

Is Your Watch Stuck On Preparing

If the watch becomes mired in the process of confirming an update, this tutorial will take you through several troubleshooting procedures that may help. Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing.

Steps 1. First, check the net connection

  • Locate the Settings app on the main screen of your smartphone and choose it to launch it.
  • After opening Settings, go to the Wi-Fi section and pick it.
  • Choose the information icon that is located next to your Wi-Fi network.

Steps2.Next, Make The Enough Space 

If do not have more space to make updates so first, you have to make the space for your watch.

Remove media and apps, Delete all the photos and video from the apple watch and try to make space for new updates

Next, make the enough space 

Steps3. Restart It And Try To Update It Again  

  • To restart, hold down the side button for a few seconds until the slider for turning off the Power appears.
  • Now, move the slider to the off position to turn it off.
  • After that, activate it by tapping the button on the side and then watch for the Apple logo to display on the screen.
  • Now, you should attempt to update the program.

Step4. Plugin Your Watch Into The Charger 

Put the watch in the charger so that there is no issue while updating

Step 5. Unpair Your Watch And Pair It Again With Your Phone 

Unpair Your Watch And Pair It Again With Your Phone 

  • Maintain proximity between your Apple Watch and the iPhone with which it is attached.
  • Next, launch the Watch app on your iPhone and choose the All watches option from the menu that appears.
  • After that, choose the model you want to inspect and then click the I symbol.
  • Now, choose the Unpair Apple Watch option with a finger touch. To ensure that the backup is stored securely, you may be asked to provide your Apple ID and password.
  • After you have unpaired the Apple Watch, proceed to pair it once again.
  • Keep your iPhone and Apple Watch at arm’s length. The choices to “Restore from backup” and “Set up as fresh” will become available after the screen has loaded.
  • Select the “Set up as new” option from the menu.
  • Once the pairing is complete, the Apple watch should be updated again. This time, everything has to go smoothly.

Step6. Toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

  • First, hold the bottom of the watch
  • Then wait for the control center to show the pop-ups of Bluetooth
  • Click to wifi icon and make sure that your wifi is on or off
  • Tab to my watch and goto the general >airplane mode, turn it on after that off it

Step7. Make Sure That Your iPhone Is Running The Most Recent Version Of Ios.

Make sure that your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS

Step8. Check That Your Apple Watch Has At Least 50 Percent Of Its Battery Life Remaining.

Step9. Join The Wireless Network On Your iPhone.

Step10. Keep Your iPhone Close To Your Apple Watch So That The Two Devices May Communicate.


The completion of the update might take anything from a few minutes to an hour. You may want to wait until the next day to update or do it after you’ve had some sleep.

If, after verifying the elements listed above, it is still refusing to update, the following procedures are the ones that are advised to be taken next:

Keep your iPhone close to your Apple Watch

  • Check that your Apple Watch is properly connected to its charging cable.
  • You will need to restart your Apple Watch.
  • Keep the side button pressed and held until you get the Power Off message, and then move the slider.
  • To reactivate your watch, push and maintain pressure on the button located on the side.
  • It would help if you restarted the linked iPhone.
  • Make another attempt to begin the update.
  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone,
  • Go to General > Usage > Software Update, and
  • Then remove the upgrade file if the update doesn’t start automatically.
  • After you have removed the file,
  • Restart the watch iOS download and installation process.

Do You Know Where To Keep Your iPhone And Watch Range?

The typical range to keep your iPhone and watch range is around 33 feet or 10 meters (this will vary in practice due to wireless interference). If the Apple Watch cannot establish a connection to the iPhone using Bluetooth, it will make an effort, as a backup, to connect to a compatible Wi-Fi network.


How long does an Apple Watch update take to prepare?

For the Apple Watch to function, it must first be charged and then linked to a reliable Wi-Fi network. The installation of the update might take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour, depending on your connection speed. To finish the update, follow the on-screen instructions.

Why is my iOS stuck on preparing updates?

The fact that the downloaded update is damaged may be one of the reasons why the screen on your iPhone is frozen on the “preparing an update” message. During downloading the update, an error caused the file to get corrupted, which was caused by the error.

Because of this, you could get a screen that says “Preparing Update.” However, if you get stuck on this page, it may be because the update package you are attempting to download does not meet the required standards for one reason or another, and you may need to begin the process all over again. If this is the case, you will need to try downloading the update package once more.

What to do if the Apple Watch update is taking forever?

To begin, if there is a new watch ios version, there is always the possibility that an excessive number of users are attempting to upgrade their Apple Watches, forcing Apple’s servers to provide the update at a slower rate than is typical.

It’s also possible that Apple’s servers are experiencing an outage.

Visit the System Status webpage on Apple’s website to verify.


The process of upgrading might be slowed by a shortage of accessible storage space and a connection to the internet that isn’t entirely dependable. Even if the connection is robust, there is a possibility that there are issues with the iPhone’s reception at this time.

In most circumstances, all that is required to resolve this issue is a quick reset of the watch’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and a verification of the watch’s storage capacity. I hope you find the Apple Watch Update Stuck On Preparing steps helpful.

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