Ios 15 Stuck On Preparing Update

Have you also experienced your ios 15 being stuck on a preparing update screen whenever you try to update it? Well, this isn’t new for iPhone users.

Many times minor hardware and software issues or for that matter, the presence of some corrupt files or poor internet connection can also do the thing. If you have been looking for ways to fix it, then look no further, because this article will act as a complete guide to getting rid of that stuck preparing update!

What Does Preparing Update Mean

Preparation for the update is one of the processes that your iPhone goes through when you wish to download and install an update on it. This process of updating is a simple technique, similar to a preliminary setup, and it takes just a few minutes to finish.

On the other hand, if it takes more than a minute, you will receive an error number stating that it is stuck on preparing the update. If you are unable to get past the “Preparing Update” page, this indicates that the update package is not complying with the requirements for some reason and needs to start the process from the beginning.

Ios 15 Stuck On Preparing Update
Ios 15 Stuck On Preparing Update

But why is such a blunder caused? Let’s explore to learn more about this.

Why Is Ios 15 Stuck On Preparing Update

Problems either originate from the software or the hardware of the device. Some of the common reasons as to why your iOS 15 tends to stick to Preparing updates from a software side could be the following:

  • It’s possible that partially downloaded update files are causing problems with subsequent updates. The automatic updates can’t finish downloading. They partially download and then warn you that the download is unable to complete, and the newly downloaded items are then uninstalled.
  • The problem with an Internet connection on the software side is one of the very common reasons. The loss of Internet connection will automatically cause the preparation of the update to be incomplete.
  • A small bug in your current iOS can cause unexpected sluggishness in your device that slows down all your device’s update mechanisms.

On the hardware side, it’s possible that your device has been dropped or somehow damaged physically. This can affect the way your iPhone downloads, prepares, and installs updates, causing it to behave in unexpected ways.

Identifying and fixing these hardware faults might be tricky. To get your phone mended, it is probable that you will need to travel to a repair shop. Attempting to do it on your own might result in the phone being permanently damaged.

What Does Preparing Update Mean
What Does Preparing Update Mean

Now that you know what causes errors in preparing updates,  let’s see how we can rectify this!

How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Preparing Update Ios 15

There are three easy ways through which one can resolve the issue of being stuck on preparing updates in iOS 15. Have a look:

1. Way To Fix Ios System Issue By Removing Previously Updated Files

The downloaded update may be tainted, which is one of the reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the “updating” screen. Something went wrong during the download of the update, which corrupted the update file.

In this instance, the update file is causing your iPhone to become stuck on a screen. Once you delete these files, your system will likely be free of the issues preventing the installation of subsequent updates.

Due to the absence of a feature similar to Android’s that allows you to view your updated files, it is more difficult to find and correct downloaded updates on an iPhone.

How To Fix Iphone Stuck On Preparing Update Ios 15
How To Fix Iphone Stuck On Preparing Update Ios 15

However, this would not prevent you from correcting this issue because your iPhone includes a menu where you can examine the downloaded updates. On this page, you may locate the most recent update you downloaded and even delete it.

Here’s how to do it:

  • On your iPhone, go to “Settings > General.”
  • Choose “iPhone Storage.”
  • All of the apps, including the iOS software update, will be featured there.
  • To confirm, click the iOS update and press “Delete Update.”

Once you have deleted these old updates, you would need to redownload them for incorporating all the latest updates to ensure the smooth functioning of your iOS 15. For this,

  • Go to “Settings > General” on your iPhone.
  • Select software update there.
  • All the apps would be listed there, select the app whose updated file was deleted earlier to update in its latest version.
  • Click update to confirm.

Now, your device is free from all old corrupted files and all ready for the new updates.

2. Way To Fix Ios System With Reiboot

If the procedure described above did not work for you, this very certainly indicates that your device is suffering from serious software troubles.

Way To Fix Ios System With Reiboot
Way To Fix Ios System With Reiboot

Here is where Reiboot comes to our aid. ReiBoot, which stands for “reboot iOS device,” is an extremely helpful iOS repair solution that may cure a wide variety of difficulties related to iOS 15 being stuck. Some of its highlighted features are:

  • Fix iPhone/iPad stuck in white Apple logo, recovery mode, DFU mode, restart loop, and other issues for free.
  • To enter and leave recovery mode, simply click once.
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Without using iTunes or the Finder, reset your Apple device.
  • Supports new as well as older models including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, new 9.7-inch iPad, and iPod touch.

It’s all worth it to use reboot and fix all your system issues, including being stuck on the Preparing Update. Here’s how to proceed with a reboot.

  • Download And Install Reiboot On Pc Or Mac

Connect the iPhone to the computer and run ReiBoot on the computer. Click the “Start” button to use the iOS System Recovery tool once the device has been found. For a successful repair of the ios system, you should connect the ios device to the computer with an apple original lightning USB cable.

  • Click ‘Standard Repair’ To Proceed

Read the note that appears to keep the repair process from failing, and then click “standard repair” to continue. ReiBoot will help your device go into Recovery Mode first if it can’t be found. But if the device doesn’t show up in Recovery Mode or at all, click “Try DFU Mode” at the bottom.

  • Download Firmware Package

Because the firmware package is 5GB, it will take some time. If you already have the firmware package on your computer, you can manually import it by clicking “import local file.”

  • Start Standard Repair.

After you’ve downloaded the firmware package to your computer, click ‘Start Standard Repair’ to begin the system recovery process. It will just take a few minutes to complete the repair.

Your iOS device will reboot automatically when the repair is completed. It would be a win-win situation because none of your data would be lost and there would be no more stuck updating concerns.

3. Way To Fix Ios System By Checking Network Connections

Problems with the network configuration might be the least significant, but most destructive, factor in the process of causing updates to fail. Problems with the network on your iPhone might have been brought on by a number of different things, including a malfunctioning wifi router, proximity issues, or, most likely, incorrectly setup settings.

Ios System By Checking Network Connections
Ios System By Checking Network Connections

Because of this, resetting the network settings on your iPhone is one of the most straightforward ways to fix any issues related to the network. When you do this, the network settings on your iPhone are restored to their original, factory-default state.

You will lose any and all of the adjustments to the settings that you have made. By following these steps, you will be able to eliminate any incorrect settings on your iPhone and fix any difficulties it may be having. The following is the procedure for improving your network conditions:

  • Select “General” from the Settings app.
  • Tap “Reset” to see your device’s reset options.
  • Choose “Reset Network Settings” to clear all of your network settings.

You’ll see how your iPhone can download updates without a problem. There are additional ways to fix modest network problems before resetting too:

  • Verify AP or router connection
  • Verify your iPad or iPhone Wi-Fi adapter is enabled or not.
  • Verify your security settings and look for a security setting mismatch.

Hence, knowing all these ways, you can now resolve the stuck-on preparing update issue at ease!


How long does iOS 15.1 take to prepare an update?

In an iOS 15.1 update, although the prepare update requires about 5 minutes, the whole update takes about 15- 30 minutes.

Why is my iOS stuck on preparing updates?

The following could be the possible reasons for iOS being stuck on preparing updates:

  • Internal physical hardware damage in the device.
  • Presence of Small bugs or viruses
  • Too many old updated files cause device corruption.
  • Poor connection and network issues.

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck on the update?

If your iPhone froze during the update, you can fix the problem by doing a “force restart,” also called a “hard reset.” You can also use this method to fix other iOS problems.

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