My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On After Being Dead! Easy Fixes.

Consider this – you are in a meeting and suddenly your apple watch won’t turn on after being dead! You tap on the power button and it doesn’t turn on.

You might be wondering why this happened and how to fix this. Worry no more, we have every solution in this article that will help you.

Although it’s not a very common problem that users face. But it is not unlikely and can be fixed.

Wondering Why Isn’t My Apple Watch Turning On? – Here’s Why! 

Suddenly turning off of apple watch isn’t really alarming. There are several reasons for it-

It can be a hardware issue, which will require technical support from a nearby Apple Store.

  • It can be a software issue that might need to be updated.
  • It can also be a dead battery issue or a cluttered storage issue.

Suddenly My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On After Hard Reset. Is This Normal?

If you have recently done a hard reset and your apple watch won’t turn on after being dead, there might be a few reasons for that to happen. 

Apple Watch Won't Turn On After Being Dead
Apple Watch Won’t Turn On After Being Dead

It might be because it has run out of power, or the screen has frozen and become unresponsive or the power reserve mode might have gotten activated and lastly, it might not be charging properly.

My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On After Update! What To Do?

The most possible reason why your Apple Watch won’t turn on after an update is that the update might not have been done properly. There might be some disruption in the network while the update was happening.

To solve this you can perform a hard reset in the same way we have suggested later in the article. 

Don’t Know How To Fix Apple Watch Black Screen Of Death! Solve It Now.

In case you have encountered the apple watch black screen of death issue, there is no need to worry. This can easily be solved by force restarting the Apple watch.

Once when you force restart the Watch it kills any stuck apps and the system services and forces a system reboot. After rebooting your Apple watch is likely to turn on.

How To Fix Apple Watch Black Screen Of Death
How To Fix Apple Watch Black Screen Of Death

My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On And Gets Hot When Charging- Fix It Now.

Your apple watch might not turn on when its entire battery is drained and if you try to turn it on while charging it might get hot. 

In such a case you must allow it to gain some charge and then unplug it from the charging pad and let it cool for about 10-15mins. And then restart the watch again.

My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On Apple Logo- Get It Fixed.

The only possible solution when your apple watch won’t turn on after being dead and stuck on the apple logo is to perform a force restart. Force restarting solves a lot of issues and is expected to solve this problem too.

What Do The Apple Watch Green Lightning Bolt And Cord Mean?

The charging cable and green lightning bolt symbol appear when your watch battery has a low charge level and is set on charge. It usually appears when you put your watch on charge and it goes to sleep mode. 

This icon ensures that your phone is getting charged properly.

Turn On The Apple Watch With A Force Restart- Follow The Steps.

Force Restarting is a way to solve a lot of problems. We will also prioritize it to get rid of the problem of the Apple watch not starting. 

Turn On the Apple Watch With a Force Restart
Turn On the Apple Watch With a Force Restart

To force restart press and hold both the crown and side button for at least 10secs and then release them when the Apple logo appears.

Charge The Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch turns off at the end of the day, it’s probably due to lack of charge. It might also happen that your Apple Watch is not getting properly charged. 

To ensure that the charging is properly done, follow these steps-

Ensure no plastic is stuck on the bottom of the Apple Watch. It uses induction to power up a charging pad. Something attached to the bottom might prevent proper charging.

  • Ensure that the charging station is plugged into a wall outlet.
  • Make sure that the charging pad cable is not damaged in any way.

Check The Apple Watch Settings

The ‘Screen Curtain’ feature can also turn off the Apple Watch display. It’s a part of the VoiceOver feature for the visually impaired.

Check the Apple Watch Settings, to ensure the VoiceOver feature is turned off. Use these steps to turn it off-

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

  • Press the My Watch button on it.
  • Go to the Accessibility option.
  • Tap VoiceOver if it says “ON”.
  • Turn “OFF” the feature.

Rule Out Power Reserve Mode

Similar to the iPhone, Apple Watch also has a power reserve mode and it is more extreme than iPhone. When this mode is activated the Apple watch shuts down immediately making the screen dark.

Exit the power receive mode by restarting the apple watch.

Long press the side button until the Apple logo appears. If that doesn’t work hold both the crown and side button to perform a force restart.

Bonus ways to solve Apple Watch slow and lagging problems

Your apple watch must have a space shortage. There might be unnecessary apps, and songs clogging your storage that is making it slow.

  • Clean up your apple watch by eliminating everything unnecessary on your storage.
  • It can also be an outdated software issue, that can be solved by just updating the WatchOS from settings.


1. Why won’t my Apple Watch turn on after it died?

This can happen because of several reasons such as – your battery might have drained, it might be some software, or hardware, or because cluttered storage issue.

2. How long does Apple Watch take to turn on after completely dead?

It is not possible to accurately say this because it depends on the issue for which it has died. If it is a charging issue, then it will be revived as soon as it is charged. 

However, if it is software, hardware, or some other issue then it cannot be predicted how long it will take to turn on again.

3. How do you revive a dead Apple Watch?

You can always try charging the battery. In case of some other issue depending on the problem try performing a hard reset.

4. How long will Apple Watch be dead?

Your Apple watch can remain dead for a few hours if it’s not charged. However, in case of a software or hardware issue, it might take more than days until it gets fixed.

To Sum up

Apple Watch certainly is one of the most trending technological devices that has generated a huge market for Apple. It has found popularity across people of different age groups.

Thus, there might be several reasons why your apple watch won’t turn on after being dead. We have discussed with you all the possible reasons for it and provided all possible solutions.

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