2 Effortless Ways To Understand How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV

Sony Interactive Entertainment created and maintains Playstation Vue, an online streaming service. The service offers video streaming across platforms that were coupled with live TV, including on-demand videos and cloud-based DVR.

Playstation Vue was supported by a number of devices, including Smart Tv, Digital Media Players, and Apps, without requiring a connection to a Cable TV provider. This post will show readers how to get PlayStation Vue on Apple TV.

PlayStation Vue With Apple TV App

Playstation Vue may connect to Apple TV through a 4th or 5th Generation Apple Box or an iOS device. Playstation Vue integrates with the most popular streaming services, such as Hulu and HBO, although one of the most popular videos streaming platforms, Netflix, is not included.

Sign In To PlayStation Vue On Apple TV

The users must follow the following steps to connect their Playstation Vue to their Apple TV

  • The user must Turn on their Apple TV and press the Menu Button on Apple TV Remote.
  • The user should search for App Store among all the Apps and Open it.
  • Once the App Store is launched, the user must search for “Playstation Vue” in the Search Bar of the App Store.
  • The users must install the PlayStation Vue App from the Playstore by clicking on the Get To Download and installing the App.
  • Once the App is installed, the users can open PlayStation App from the App Section.

However, if the user wishes to ensure the connection of PlayStation Vue from the Apple TV. The user must follow the following steps:

  • The user must go to the “Settings”
  • Once the Settings Options are available, the user must head to Apps.
  • Click on TV, among other options available in the Apps Section.
  • Scroll Down to the “Connect To TV” section and ensure that the PlayStation Vue is Turned On, and Turn it On in case it’s not.

PlayStation Vue With Fire TV

After understanding How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV, the users must understand that PlayStation Vue can also be connected through an Amazon Firestick.

How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV

Sony Interactive Entertainment cooperated with Amazon to include the service’s live channel on Amazon Fire Stick’s “On Now” Channel. There are no steps involved in installing Playstation Vue on the Amazon Firestick.

Users only need to guarantee that they are logged in from Playstation Vue, and the TV will display the schedule of current and forthcoming TV shows. Users may then use Alexa or a connected Echo TV to surf among the channels.

They can also use instructions like “Alexa, show me the Channel Guide” to help themselves with a Channel Guide that allows them to browse between the various TV stations.

Playstation Vue Pricing

PlayStation Vue came with 4 Monthly Subscriptions to cater to all kinds of consumer needs and expand its market share. These 4 Monthly Subscription Models were:

  • Access Plan: The Access Plan included all the National TV Channels and Local Broadcasting Channels but didn’t include any Sports Channels in the Mix. The Price of the Access Plan was 44.9$ per month.
  • Core Plan: The Core Plan all the Broadcasting and National TV Channels that the Access Plan included but it also included the Sports Channels to cater to the needs of the Sports Enthusiasts. The price of the Core Plan was 49.9$ per month.
  • Elite Plan: The Elite plan included all the movie channels and 85+ news channels along with the sports channels and the National TV channels that were included in the Core Plan. The price of the Elite Plan was 59.9$ per month.
  • Ultra Plan: Ultra Plan was the most expensive plan of the Playstation Vue service that provided the users with all the channels that are included in all the plans above with an additional subscription to premium networks like HBO and Showtime to cater to the needs of the most premium segment customers it had.

What Is Playstation Vue Trial Length

The Free Trial of Playstation view was available to every user who subscribed to the services of Playstation Vue and didn’t avail of the Free Trail of Playstation Vue before.

How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV
How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV

The Free Trial Period of Playstation Vue was one-week where the user could enjoy all the services of Playstation Vue but only if they cancel the subscription before the period of one week. If they don’t cancel their subscription during the one-week period monthly rate would be charged from the user’s credit card.


Playstation Vue’s services were stopped on January 30, 2020, due to increased competition from other streaming platforms and the exorbitant expense of generating and sustaining content.

Sony Interactive Entertainment stated that they would prefer to focus on their core gaming business, but consumers may watch movies and TV episodes on the PlayStation4 because the firm has collaborated with prominent entertainment businesses for content.


Q1. Can I watch PlayStation Vue on Apple TV?

Ans: Yes, the users can watch PlayStation Vue on the Apple TV, and the users have to download the Playstation Vue app on the Apple TV. For a detailed step-by-step guide, the readers are requested to read the article above to understand How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV.

Q2. How do I download PS4 apps to Apple TV?

Ans: The users can not download PS4 Apps to the Apple TV.

Q3. Can PlayStation download on Apple TV?

Ans: Yes, the PlayStation Vue App can be downloaded on the Apple TV. For a detailed step-by-step guide, the readers are requested to read the article above to understand How To Get Playstation Vue On Apple TV.

Q4. Is PlayStation Vue still available?

Ans: No, the services of Playstation Vue were discontinued on January 30, 2020 however, the users can watch movies and TV shows on PlayStation4 as the company has partnered with top entertainment brands for their content.


PlayStation Vue has shut down its services due to the high-cost nature of the content industry and the high level of competition from competitors like Netflix, Hulu TV and Amazon Prime, which means that the users have to search for alternatives which are Youtube TV, Sling TV and many more.

The article made the users understand how to get Playstation Vue on Apple TV via App or Amazon FireStick. It also explained various Price Plans that were available for the PlayStation Vue Service along with the different channels coming to PlayStation Vue.

The users who have paid for the subscription to PlayStation Vue have the option to cancel their subscription anytime they want. The users are free to use the comment section to raise any query regarding the topic or the article.

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