How to Track a Cell Phone Location Secretly?

More and more people are now engaged in the use of mobile phones. Their number is rising exponentially. People get into problematic situations time and again. One can get kidnapped or be stuck in a remote location as well. With the rise in mobile phone use, such issues can be addressed with precision. But apps like KidsGuard Pro for iOS are now coming to play a seminal role in this regard. 

With a simple app like this one, it is now very easy to check someone’s phone location at large and hence this is gaining priority among people.

How to check on the location?

As a rule, on the off chance that you want to follow the location of some other individual, you can open their gadgets and read the messages. It very well may be done after asking for their consent.

Our favored decision is KidsGuard Pro. Here are necessities that should be met to effectively follow the location of that individual. 

  1. You should realize the objective gadget’s screen secret phrase on the off chance that it is locked.
  2. You need to get to the gadget something like one opportunity to introduce the application. The establishment will cost you around 5 minutes.
  3. The objective gadget should be outfitted with a legitimate web association as the gathered information will be transferred to the application’s web-based dashboard.
  4. Remember, it isn’t permitted to utilize this following application to accomplish something unlawful.

The Best Choice to Track Someone’s location 

You need to consider a couple of things like convenience, following abilities, and, surprisingly, the cost before you focus on a particular application. You can relax, we did this occupation for you. After a couple of thoughts, we suggest KidsGuard Pro. This application satisfies every one of our prerequisites and accompanies remarkable observing abilities which can act as a powerful tracker. 

How to check the location Online?

Track every one of the approaching and active messages. KidsGuard Pro applies the keylogging innovation to follow every one of them sent and got messages, even the messages just been composed in the textbox. Since it can record each keystroke on the tracking gadget.

Peruse the application notices on the tracking gadget. 

Track the Real-time Location All the Time: As lengthy as the objective is utilizing the gadget, then, at that point, you can get the continuous area constantly. The refreshed area will be synchronized to the dashboard consequently. It guarantees 100 percent precision because of the use of implicit GPS.

Track Their Route History: All the area history can be refreshed like clockwork. You can see the area history alongside time and date stamps by utilizing the KidsGuard Pro GPS tracker.

 Before we begin to become familiar with the means of the following discussion with Kidsguard Pro, you are expected to enlist a record. You should utilize your legitimate email ID and occupy different spaces before proceeding. Then buy an arrangement as indicated by your interest.

Stage 1: Now, get hold of the objective gadget and open it. Open a program and download KidsGuard Pro colleague from

Stage 2: Now, tap on the APK document to send off the arrangement. Sign in through your record and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the strategy.

Stage 3: Then, the application symbol will vanish from the Home Screen naturally. 

Why KidsGuard Pro App is The Best?

Along these lines, you have a thought regarding the oversimplified idea of the KidsGuard Pro application, however, has likewise ended up being exceptionally viable. 

The elements of this program are strong and it has everything from the following element to snapping screen captures of the objective gadget. We should take a nitty-gritty perspective on the elements:

Online entertainment checking: This application isn’t just fit for observing location, there are additionally other texting applications that can be observed through KidsGuard Pro. These applications are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, QQ, WeChat, Line, and Kik.

Geofencing: This comes with Geofence that can assist with defining a virtual limit on a guide.

Remains undercover: KidsGuard Pro stays stowed away. It is planned in such a way with the goal that the proprietor of the objective gadget never looks into it.

Screen capture catch: It can take a screen capture of the objective gadget continuously to check what the objects are doing.

Utilization observing: Monitoring stuff like program history, sound, video, photographs, schedules, and so on are extremely simple.

Keystroke following: The keylogger include is likewise accessible to screen all that you are composing.

 Like that, you can have a general comprehension before you purchase.


From the above discussion, it is evident that modern technology has diligently helped in multiple manners. The use of mobile phones has significantly increased and this has to be noted with due concern here. What is also interesting is the fact that those mobile phones can now be easily tracked as well with apps like Kids Guard Pro. There must be a priority given to such apps when the tracking of cell phone location is secretly desired.


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