Things You Probably Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Android and iOS are the two major smartphone operating systems available. iOS is arguably the most robust of the two. iPhones have been in the market for quite some time now. They have demonstrated that they are leaders in smartphone innovation. 

You can get an iPhone at a discount with T-Mobile promotions. You should be ready for a capable operating system and user-friendly interface when getting an iPhone. There are several hidden features that you might not have known were available with your iPhone. 

Use Siri to Send Photos

Go to your default photo app and choose a photo you would like to send. Next, say, “Hey, Siri, send this photo to Michael” or to whomever you want to send it. Instantly, the phone will send the image. You could also add a caption to the photo if you wanted to. This is an easy way to send those photos.

Drag and Drop Text and Photos

If you would like to send the same message to two people, type the message to one person. Then, tap and hold that message with your finger. Use another finger to find the other contact. Drop that message in the SMS space. In the same manner, you can drag and drop photos from the default photo app to messages, files, notes, and other third-party apps.

Scan Text From Photos

Apple included the scan text feature in the iOS 15. This feature uses the camera to convert documents into text. It uses a technology known as optical character recognition (OCR). If you would like to copy text from an image on the internet, hold on to the text and you will automatically copy it.

Have Siri Call You by Your Nickname

You might not want to go by the name on your Apple ID. Siri uses the information on your Apple ID to refer to you. You can create a nickname for Siri to refer you by if you wish. After saying, “Hey, Siri,” give the command, “Call me by a nickname.” 

Siri will then ask you what name you prefer to be called. You will then say the nickname exactly how you want it. Siri will verify the pronunciation and it is good to go.

Create Custom Vibrations

If you love customizing your iPhone, this is for you. This feature is at the Sounds and Haptics settings. Customizing your vibrations is just like customizing your ringtone. You can create the beat of the vibration to match your favorite song. It is as easy as tapping the rhythm on the screen once you have opened the settings for “create new vibration.”

Protect Your Data

You can give commands to your iPhone to erase your data if someone is trying to break in. This is one of the oldest features of the iPhone. It is easy to miss it since it is deep in the settings options. A passcode is a superb way to protect your data, but this is how to go the extra mile. After ten failed passcode attempts, the phone will erase all the data.


Many features come with your iPhone. You must explore your iPhone to find some of these features. It can make your user experience very adventurous. As demonstrated, most of them are in the settings.


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