How to Extend The Life Of Your Cables

One of the biggest frustration that many Apple user have to deal with is the fact that their cables aren’t always the most durable. In fact, most Apple forums are filled with numerous posts by disgruntled customers complaining about their cables fraying, breaking, or wearing out too soon after purchase. And whether these cables are actually less durable is often a strongly debated topic. After all, people have a tendency to be rough with cables without fully realizing how delicate they can be.

In fact, it is for this reason that Mac users are often encouraged to purchase a laptop leather sleeve. This not only allows you to protect your Mac from the risk of accidental damage, but it also protects your cables too. However, there are also a number of things that you can do to keep your cables safe. Moreover, these are applicable to other cables that are not Apple manufactured as well.

#1. Avoid Wrapping Them

Every cable is often comprised of a number of twisted copper wires within plastic sheathing. As such, for you to take care of the cable, you have to make sure that you are taking extra care of the copper wiring inside. This is because while the copper wire is often made to be flexible, the problem is that they are not unbreakable. Over time, the copper strands can start to break down over time and this can lead to signal degradation and even failure. In this respect, you need to ensure that you avoid wrapping these cables too much, because this can lead to breakage.

In most cases, it is often best to set up your chargers on a workstation that allows easy plug and unplug without constantly moving the charger around. It is also always best to invest in a multiple laptop stand too. These desks will allow you to create a formal workstation at home, so you can easily set up your chargers in a convenient position that doesn’t require constant movement.

#2. Store Carefully

Many tech users tend to have tons of tangled cables where you will often fins a mix of different cables all of different devices, like printer cables, consoles cables, HDMI cables, ethernet cords, etc. When this happens it is commonplace to deal with a number of tangled wires and cables, and while you detangle them, it’s easy to accidentally stretch them out and damage the protective plastic sheathing to even worse, tear the internal copper wiring inside.

In such instances, you can try reducing the number of cables that you have by purchasing a usb c multiport hub, which should help you connect as am nay extra peripherals as you want without cluttering your workspace too much.

#3. Keep Cables Organized

It is always important to keep your cable properly organized and sorted for a wide number of reasons. And while it doesn’t necessary extend the life of your cables, it does make it easier to locate them and keep them from getting lost.

In this regard, you should consider organizing your cables in separate locations or using a cable organizer to keep everything sorted. You can also try packing your cables in zip-top bags. They are quite cheap to purchase and can be labelled quite easily too. Moreover, they often come in a wide range of sizes so you can fit in different types of cables. This will help keep you from misplacing your cables and save some money, instead of having to always run to the nearest retail store to replace them.


To summarize, it is important to learn how to take care of your cables while you are not using them. In most cases, they often tend to  fail at the ends, which is close to the connecting points. The reason for that is because these junctions are often the ones that suffer from the most amount of stress. This is also why you should absolutely avoid any yanking or bending, as it could end up damaging the connection. You should also always ensure that the connectors are not being bent, pulled or being jammed against something. There should always be a smooth arc when they are plugged in to your Mac, which will ensure that the connector remains undamaged while in use.

Also, as we mentioned a the beginning, this form of care also applies to your Mac device. If you do not take extra precautions to ensure that it stays safe from the risk of damage, then you will be forced to run to the nearest Apple Store for repair which can be costly. For example, you can take care of your MacBook screen by using a macbook pro screen protector, which will ensure that it doesn’t not suffer from any unwanted scratches, smudges or damage.


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