How is Email Marketing like Gardening?

Why am I even comparing email marketing with gardening? Well, there are a lot of similarities between the two.

As you read this article, you would learn many ways email marketing can be related to gardening.

It could be because you require lots of patience when you do email marketing, just like gardening. And the way you nurture your prospects is more like nurturing the seeds or plants.

The Contact Database – A Secret Garden

You need a secret garden where whatever you sow or plant grows well, and no one else has access to it.

In business aspects, it is a contact database to which no one else has access.

Before we compare things further, let us see how to build a contact database, i.e., the prospect list.

How to Find an Email Address?

Many professional talks about many techniques to find an email address. The ideal one is using an email lookup tool like that uses big data algorithms and machine learning algorithms to identify the exact format of the prospects’ business email addresses.

And when you wish to build your list with LinkedIn emails, you could use the chrome extension of When you have this tool, it’s so easy to download bulk emails.

Now let us get back to where we stopped our comparison.

So, in the context of business, we could call our contact database the secret Garden.

You Remain Clueless Until a Certain Stage

When nurturing plants, it’s not possible to predict exactly where you would get the fruits first. However, when you water them regularly, you know that someday some of these plants are sure to yield fruits.

Similarly, when you do email marketing, if you have enough email addresses in your list and you share valuable content, some will convert.

Once you start getting any response from your prospect, you can give them exactly what they need; This is just like how we care for the plants based on their condition. Let us see more into this.

Nurture them According to their Needs – Segmenting is Essential.

You know, different plants need different care.

Some plants need more water, some need to be kept under the shade, while some cannot survive the direct sunlight.

When you have many plants, you segment them according to the environmental needs to survive and the care it seeks.

Likewise, when your look at your prospects, they all have a different purpose with your brand or products.

It would be best if you segregated your prospects following their motive.

Nurture – Based on the Level of Maturity

You cannot nurture them alike. Yes, you cannot similarly treat them all.

You must craft your content in a way that each of your content addresses your prospects at different stages of their journey in the sales funnel.

This is just like nurturing the plants based on their life stage.

And when it comes to email marketing, ensure nurturing leads appropriately, based on the phase you need marketing automation.

Timely Maintenance & Weeding

Even when you do a great job taking care of your plants and giving them what you consider they require and essential, some plants die, weeds grow.

Likewise, no matter what, there are always prospects who might not open emails for years.

Is there any use to send emails to such prospects? This is going to bring down your open email rate.

It would be best to eliminate the unresponsive prospects from your list and not affect your overall email marketing.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing like gardening takes time, effort, and patience.

How healthy is your Garden – in this context, your email marketing efforts?


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