If you get iCloud link photos to load, we can help you by providing some troubleshooting solutions which can help in the shared albums, iCloud syncing, and much more.

With iCloud, the process of saving and sharing photos has become much easier than before. Many users complain about being unable to share photos on iPhone as the recipients can’t open the iCloud photo sharing link. There are many different ways to resolve this problem which will be discussed further.



Sometimes the recipients complain about the shared album not working because of which they are unable to open the shared link. The ways to resolve this issue are-

Installing the latest Apple software

Apple releases the yearly latest software which is updated with many smaller updates that are needed to fix bugs and add features. This can also support changes in many applications, games, and more.

To stay on top of all these updates is a good idea and if normal issues are being observed by the user, then it can prove to be very helpful.

The error loading photo iPhone can sometimes happen because of using an older version of the software and not updating it regularly. If the screen shows that the shared link is not working the user can make sure that the software for the device updates and if this still doesn’t fix the problem they can move to the next solution.

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Enable the iCloud photo library and shared albums

If you still haven’t ensured that the photo library and shared albums are enabled then there is no other way to access the photos via the sharing links.

Enable the iCloud photo library and shared albums
Enable the iCloud photo library and shared albums

In such cases, the message saying “iCloud link waiting for photos” comes up which means that the sender might not have enabled the shared albums. To enable these-

  1. Open the Settings app on the device.
  2. Tap on the profile ID.
  3. Tap on iCloud.
  4. Tap on photos.
  5. Make sure that the iCloud photos and shared albums are toggled on.

Ensuring that the link hasn’t expired

The iCloud photo link can expire after 30 days of use and a message pops up on the screen which says “there was an error downloading this photo from iCloud photos” if the link is unable to open up at the time.

If this happens then the sender might have to send a new iCloud link to their friend or family member so that they can try and use the new link. This new link works properly if the user opens it up before 30 days.

Connecting the device to the internet properly

If the device is being used then it is connected to the internet and there is no way to open the iCloud link. The iPhone or the iPad is connected to the internet either via a WIFI or the cellular network.

Connecting the device to the internet properly

A mature network connection helps the link to work properly and all the photos and videos can be downloaded easily. The device should be properly connected to the internet.

Turn off the low power mode

Using the low power mode on the iPhone can extend the battery life by three hours which comes with significant tradeoffs. The capability that the device loses is that it won’t be able to load the images from the iCloud photo link. The message that comes up says that the “iCloud link waiting”.

This message means that the user might need to charge the phone until the low power mode turns off manually. All the functions which might cause the error should be switched off. To do this the user should-

  1. Open the Settings app and on the battery.
  2. Toggle off the low power mode which will turn grey.
  3. Log in to the iCloud account

If all the photos which are included in the link have been deleted from the photos and the recipient still won’t be open them. If the link is still not working, then the user should log in to the account and make sure that the photos are still present there.

The iCloud link contains the photos and videos which need to be synced across all the devices if the user has already signed in. If the pictures are deleted, then the library photos can be deleted as of a whole.

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Check the Apple System Status page

Many people usually ask “why the iCloud link not working” and sometimes the user might not be able to control it as all the problems might be on Apple’s end.

For this, the user needs to visit the apple system and make sure that all the iCloud services are available. One might be able to tell this because a green dot is added next to the name.

Check the Apple System Status page
Check the Apple System Status page

If a note is added on the side which says that the issue has been resolved then the recent issue might be affecting it then they need to fix it not. Restart the device and try all over again.

Do a network settings reset

If it seems like the iCloud link waiting for video is not working and would not connect to the device then it might be time to check the network settings reset. It is a big deal because the cellular connections won’t be able to set up if the user does not sign back into the account.

All the wifi networks which were connected to in the past can help in resolving the issue by conducting a network setting reset. To do this-

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on General.
  2. Tap on reset and reset the network settings.
  3. Enter the password and confirm the changed network settings.
  4. Contact the technical team of Apple

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, then follow the Apple support link and click on the device that is being used. One might be able to connect to Apple via phone, email, or chat, and they would drop by and ask for assistance.

Since many people ask “how to get iCloud link photos to load” this is the last potential solution that the user can try out.


Sharing photos and videos is one of the most important processes among friends and family members. iCloud is one of the easiest and most helpful ways to share photos and videos via a link.

All the problems that the user might face are mentioned along with their solutions are mentioned above.

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