The best mobile application development App: iOS versus android mobile application development

Mobile applications are an essential part of businesses. The business will also strive to maintain customer loyalty, which increases the chances of making a repeated purchase. Application developers are experience challenges in deciding the best applications to develop. They are in a dilemma whether to produce an android or iOS application. Before developing the applications, developers must be aware of the most appropriate route to take. We consulted with an IT specialist who does code freelance and also offers help with programming homework. Here are the pros and cons of both types of systems:

The article will explore some facts about the two applications and help developers decide on the best application.

The best mobile application to develop

The mobile application business is growing day and night. The future for mobile applications is bright. Though iOS and android are currently occupying different market share, it Is quite hard to predict the future of the two applications.

As a developer, for now, you may develop the application of either android or IOS and let the market shape your route to take. The two applications have superior and inferior features that make them differ in user’s preference. You can leverage each application strength and produce mobile applications with superior quality and high user acceptability.

Android may be the best choice for many app developers because it offers many customization options. It is also easy to integrate on the android application. IOS app wins when you analyze it in terms of the income generated from applications.

When you compare the iOS and Android applications according to their suitability to business, it works with the subscription model. Both of them win.

Targeting uses location is another best way of understanding the best application between android and IOS. Different countries respond differently to the applications market. For instance, the US market prefers iOS while users like china go for android applications. Before choosing the best mobile application for your development, consider the project goal.

Android mobile application

The Android Java application development

You need java knowledge to code for android mobile applications. Java is a widespread android technology that you can use Instead of working with other programing technology or IOS application development.

Kotline for mobile application development

You may try Kotline programing language for android application development. Few developers are conversant and efficient in using this programing language in application development. The programing language differs from java and makes the programing work and debugging easy

iOS mobile application

when it comes to an iOS mobile application, the two programming languages applicable includes the objective –C and swift. Objective-C is a bit complex, unlike swift, which is straightforward.

Swift for iOS mobile application development

All the latest mobile applications for iOS are the product of swift programming languages. Therefore, swift may shortly sweep out objective –c language in iOS application development.

Xcode for iOS mobile application development

The most recent Xcode version allows the operation of large files by handling code visualization, refactoring, etc.


While deciding the best application for building your mobile app, the best solution is to develop on both platforms. The strategy may have extra cost but is worthy. Another challenge may be deciding which one to build fast. Carry out market research to identify the platform that already has a big customer base. Study the trend as you refine your idea on the application development.


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