How To Check the Weather With Siri

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

With changing climatic conditions, we often don’t depend too much on what is in front of our eyes because we know the weather has become so unpredictable that it can literally change within seconds and that can cause a major problem in the plans we have made for the day.

And so, we rely on our weather forecast experts, if its going to rain or not, whether the day is going to be too hot and humid of full of moisture, we like asking the artificial intelligence in our phones about how the weather is going to be for the day.

And if you have just switched from android to IOS and you don’t know how to check weather with Siri, check out this space and learn it right now with us.

Weatherly Whispers

“It is best to check the weather forecast before praying for the rain.”

Assuming that your day has just begun and you are too busy in getting ready that you cannot take a pause and check the news or your phone to see if it’s going to rain today or not, before stepping out of your house.

Now, who is going to help you? Our very own Siri.

How? let’s find that out.

How do you get Siri to say the weather?

You just have to say ‘hey, Siri’ on your iPhone or iPad to activate Siri and ask him ‘Siri what is the weather today’ even without picking up your device.

We know its too easy that you cannot believe it but try it out to see how it works!

Just keep on eating, bathing, cooking or doing whatever chore you are doing without taking a pause to look at the weather and Siri will com to your rescue and will not only update you about the weather or the temperature for the day but will also give you a few extra minutes to complete your work.

That’s simple, sophisticated and self-sufficient Siri for you.

How To Check the Weather With Siri
How To Check the Weather With Siri

Another problem has arrived? You haven’t yet activated Siri on your I-phone and you also don’t know how to do it?

Don’t worry! here are the steps that you have to follow to get it done:

  1. Go to the Settings section on your iOS device.
  2. Scroll down and look for ‘Siri and Search’.
  3. Click on it and choose whether to enable Siri by voice with Hey Siri or choose to just push the button for Siri.
  4. Lastly, tap on enable Siri to activate it and finish the process.

The Siri Section

“What makes Siri cool is that it has got a personality.”

So, let’s see how which personality of Siri will tell us how’s the weather outside today?

Is it going to be hot tomorrow or some cool breeze will tease you? Let’s find out how to know this and know our artificial intelligence Siri more accurately.

Well, that personality is called weather and these are a few more questions you can ask Siri about weather that he will answer you without any fuss.

Hey Siri how’s the weather today?

siri is it going to rain today
siri is it going to rain today

Never forget to say ‘Hey’ before calling Siri out for help. Our Siri is too busy to appear without a salutation.

Whether you have to ask about rain, time or you have to make a call, start your sentences with ‘Hey Siri’ so that you don’t have to repeat them.

The second thing to remember is apart from calling out for Siri directly, you can also press your home button that will make Siri appear on your phone screen to address your query.

Coming back to our original question of how you can ask Siri about weather, as you know, we are not always worried about rains or storms when it comes to weather.

Sometimes, the temperature can make us worried as well.

And so, apart from asking Siri is it going to rain today you can also ask Siri what’s the temperature outside.

Our courteous Siri will help you knowing in advance if it’s a good idea to wear a short skirt looking at the weather or you should go for some warm clothes because the temperature will drop a lot more than you are expecting.

So, Siri is done telling you about its weather feature, now ask him about his day.

At the End

A simple question can be asked in a much simpler way if you have got artificial intelligence like Siri with you. Learn how to ask him questions and see how easy it is to get all your answers.


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