Quick and Easy: Why GoGoPDF Should be Your Next Go-To Converter Tool

There are so many online PDF converter tools found on the internet. But what features make it the best? Is it all about security or usability? Is it about the high-quality conversions? Fast process? A quick search on your web browser will present you with so many online PDF converter tools to choose from.

The online PDF converter we have in mind is GoGoPDF. It is simply one of the best platforms for converting your files. Why? This article will give you some of the major features that make it a very efficient platform. If you are not familiar with GoGoPDF, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on that as well.


GoGoPDF is a free web-based online converter tool that enables you to easily and quickly manage, edit, and access your PDF files whenever and wherever you are. It offers a wide array of tools and file formats that you can convert to and from, including HTML, PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF. It isn’t only limited to being an online PDF converter.

It also offers various tools such as merge, split, compress, edit, repair, protect, add page numbers to PDF, and a bunch of other tools. This alone makes GoGoPDF a very flexible platform that anyone can use with all their PDF-related needs. Since it is a free platform, anyone can use it, including students, professionals, and even an average Joe. 

Direct Use

Since GoGoPDF is entirely accessible on your web browsers, you can just directly use it without any third-party program and installing or downloading any app or software on your device. This is an efficient way of saving space and reduces your device’s exposure to malware or viruses associated with app or software installation on the internet.

File Safety and Security

GoGoPDF greatly values confidentiality and their customers’ privacy and security, which means that whenever you use GoGoPDF’s services and tools, you don’t have to sweat about anything regarding any security concerns. It guarantees you that your files are safe, and no one will have access to them except for you.

Additionally, GoGoPDF does not keep its users’ credit card information, security passcodes, or even their files. After sixty minutes upon uploading, GoGoPDF will permanently delete all the files you have uploaded, so no one can snoop on any of your data. GoGoPDF also installed a Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts and secures every file you have uploaded and transmitted online.

There can’t be any arguments made if one might say that an incognito mode is enough and would rather use the first online PDF converter they see on the internet. What you may now know is that the incognito mode you are so proud of does nothing in regards to your security and privacy. All it does is keep yourself hidden from yourself. It does not even hide your IP address, and all it does is keep your browser history hidden.

Quick Sharing of Files

GoGoPDF’s amazing mechanism for sharing your documents is another feature to celebrate. Rather than directly downloading them onto your storage devices, you can share them directly with your friends, peers, and family just with the help of a unique shareable link through your social media accounts or email accounts. Though this unique shareable link only has a limited time, you can just request another one anytime.

GoGoPDF Pro Account

Yes, we know that we might have mentioned that GoGoPDF is free. Well, technically speaking, it is free, but that doesn’t directly mean that they don’t offer a paid Pro account subscription, which offers much better features, benefits, and makes your experience with GoGoPDF much faster and easier.

With a Pro account, you are not limited to certain restrictions. You can process, convert, and edit as many files as you want without any limitations at any given time. This means that you can simultaneously convert two or more files at the same time. As you can see, the Pro account is very handy when you are the type of person who is always on a time crunch.

Another great thing about a Pro account is that you can finally remove all those pesky pop-up ads and unskippable videos that do nothing but consume a lot of your time. You also get to enjoy unlimited storage and priority with GoGoPDF’s customer service representatives. 


Overall, GoGoPDF is a convenient, quick, and easy to use platform for all your PDF needs. It saves you a lot of time that you need and also saves you from a lot of stress and hassle from experiencing any problems or mishaps. Needless to say, GoGoPDF should be your next go-to converter tool.


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