PDF to PDF/A: Reliable Online File Converter of GogoPDF that You Can Use For Free

PDF has been a universal file format that many people around the world used for various practical purposes. In fact, you’ll have many benefits in using this file format for your electronic documents. It’s easy to access and view Use a PDF editor files on your device, and they work on all computer operating systems. When you upload them online or download them from the internet, it’ll usually take a few seconds. 

However, if you have tons of PDF files in your device’s file drive and you plan to store them for long-term safekeeping, the format, layout, and design tend to change over time. The best thing to do to keep the same quality of your PDF files after many years is to convert them to PDF/A format. 

Hence, you’ll be needing a secure online tool to process the conversion in no time, and GogoPDF has that specialized tool you can use for free. Check the full details below about the GogoPDF file converter tool in transforming your PDF files into PDF/A format in the most convenient way. 

Converts PDF to PDF/A Easily

YYou can process the conversion of your files in PDF to PDFA in the quickest time possible. However, other platforms might take so long before you can get your files converted. In GogoPDF, you’ll surely experience the easiest way of completing this file task. You only have to get your PDF files uploaded on the conversion tool you can find on this platforms’ website

Then, the tool will initiate the scanning process of each PDF page and transform them into PDF/A format one by one. When the file converter shows that it’s finished, your PDF/A files are now available for download, and you can use them anytime. Hence, even if you’ll be storing these files for many years, it guarantees that the quality remains the same. 

Guaranteed High-Quality Results

The result of any online tool is the most important part of the process. It’ll be a waste of time, and utilizing the tool will be pointless if the outcome doesn’t meet the standard you need. That’s why you always have to use the GogoPDF platform when you have any file conversion tasks in the future because it guarantees to produce converted outputs of high-quality. 

The system of GogoPDF uses the most reliable and innovative conversion technology that ensures result efficiency and accuracy. Whatever file format you want your files to be converted to, the tool will receive the exact command you’ve entered and process it right away. After a few minutes, you’ll then get the requested file format you need. 

Cross-Platform Support

The GogoPDF platform developers have successfully made a website based on their goal of providing users with a seamless file conversion experience. That’s why they’ve created a file conversion tool that supports all operating systems, such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Using laptops and desktop computers to process the conversion will never be a problem with GogoPDF.  

Moreover, you’ll have many choices when it comes to web browsers in accessing the website. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Edge are some of your options you can choose from that you can use for free. Besides that, if you’re already on the website, navigating it will be so much easier and convenient. 

The official website of GogoPDF has the most straightforward design, layout, and format. That’s why you can easily follow the simple conversion procedure and hit those important buttons in completing the entire conversion process. Just make sure that the device you’re using is in perfect condition and it can connect to a stable internet service so that there will be no technical interruptions when you start converting your files in PDF to PDF/A. 

User’s Privacy Policy

All users of electronic files always make sure the safety of the information their files contain at all times. It’ll be too risky to share these important PDFs or upload them online, especially if they have sensitive details and confidential data. In fact, many people already have experienced stolen files, unwanted access, and other unpermitted file activities without their knowledge. 

Surely, it’s something that you don’t want to happen to your PDF files at any cost. Don’t worry because GogoPDF observes the user’s privacy policy. It means that the files you’ve uploaded on its website will be completely removed from its server after one hour. By doing this, it’ll give you an assurance that your files can’t be tracked, retrieved, or accessed by anyone without your permission, and that makes the GogoPDF platform safe for your PDF files. 


Transforming your files in PDF to PDF/A can be a challenging file task. However, with the GogoPDF file conversion tool, it can be a piece of cake. Hence, if you have important PDF files you want to keep for many years, don’t have any second thoughts. Upload your files now on GogoPDF and process the conversion right away. 


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