Top-Notch Social Media Apps Of 2020 To Increase Traffic To Your Site

Everyone knows about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter while talking about social media apps. These names indeed seem to pop up right in their minds because of their high-end popularity. What people don’t know is that 2020 is seeing some of the other most promising social media apps to take the front seat. So, there is no need to restrict to the primary use of these social media apps only. Searching the internet leads you towards some of the most exciting names that can get you hooked up right from the first time. So, let’s jump straight into those details.

Telegram – a steadily expanding app:

Already featured to be one best app for secret texting, Telegram is known for its steadily growing user base. People fall for this app because of its privacy policies. The security of this app is top-notch and makes it stand out in the crowd.

  • For the brands, it becomes easier to connect to their users with this app. Businesses and brands have the liberty to create some chatbots on this app’s platform.
  • They can furthermore use the broadcast messaging feature of this app to contact a selective number of subscribers all at once.
  • Telegram is known to provide self-destructive and encrypted messages to help brands portray their messages with ease. There is separate cloud-based storage available with this app.
  • You don’t have to pay a single dime to use this app, which works uninterruptedly because of no ads. If the need arises, you can turn off the notifications, lock some of the selected conversions, and turn message previews off.

Planoly is your next call:

Even though it is not widely popular as Facebook or Instagram, Planoly has its separate fan base, which is getting stronger with each passing day. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. Even the social marketing team from Hootsuite relies on this social media app of 2020. Planoly is defined as one visual planner, crafted for Instagram. Before posting anything on Instagram, this app helps you see how it looks beforehand as a grid.

Not only that, but this app also presents its users with engagement and data rates for every post on Instagram. So, using Planoly presents users with cohesive feed and a more precise visual style, designed for any brand.

Crello for beautifying images:

Crello is perfect for those social media managers, willing to work on beautiful animations and images to enhance their brand’s visibility rate. The best part is that it doesn’t require any experience. With over 10,000 readily available templates and multiple formats, you can create any branding image with ease, once you have this app.

Meetup is an exciting addition in this list:

As you can understand from the name itself, Meetup is one social media site, gaining worldwide popularity with ease. If you are planning to stay connected with local groups to meet up with some new people, you have come to the right spot. Groups can easily organize some events for some of the like-minded people and get together with ease.

  • There are wide ranges of categories, where you can form a group. You can get a glimpse of this app and learn more about it from blastup.
  • Some of the available categories here are tech, photography, outdoor and adventure, culture and language, music, and even more.
  • The USA seems to be taking this app more seriously than the rest of the world. Statistics show that the USA citizens have already contributed to around 53.89% of this app’s growth.
  • The second country following the USA, is the UK, with a contribution of 7.25%. In no time, this app starts to rule the rest of the world as well.

TikTok is quite popular to say the list:

Tiktok is just two years old, but within this short time, it has already managed to get 1 billion downloads. Known to be a well-structured and easy to use video app, Tiktok is currently seeing 800 million active users every month. This number is enough to place this social media app at the top of this list of social media apps in 2020.

Nearly 50% of the Tiktok audiences are under 35 years and reside in the USA. Most of the audiences in this count are within the age bracket of 16 to 24 years. Some of the best content which can work well over here is interesting, entertaining, and comedic and even some short video contents without any real sense behind it. The most popular use of this video app is to lip-sync with some of the popular songs with a little acting to go with it. It is a popular way of portraying music-video and in style!

The use of QQ:

QQ is the brainchild from Tencent and known to be an instant chat or messaging app. It was first launched in China and gained quite some popularity because of its international expansion. Right now, you can see over 80 countries using this instant messaging app. Thanks to this social media app, now you can easily stay connected with your friends through voice chats, video calls, and even through texts. It furthermore comprises of built-in translator for translating chats, in case you are speaking to some foreigners.

Vimeo is yet another exciting option:

If you are looking for a video platform free from ds, then Vimeo might come straight up to your mind. Headquarter of this app-building firm is located in NYC, and this company is known to offer some creative technologies and tools for distributing, hosting, and even monetizing videos. So, not just being entertained, but this video social media app helps you earn some bucks too, much like YouTube.

So, once you have tried out the generic social media apps like Instagram and all, make sure to shift your gaze towards these lesser-known apps of 2020. The result turns out to be just awesome.




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