What is The best flameless candles with timer?

Lighting up actually candles is literally a lot of work. And if there is the swift wind, oh god, you’ll have to stay there all night. People are not very free nowadays to keep looking and lighting the candles if they go off. So, as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, people came up with flameless candles. Flameless candles are not a new thing but today in this article we are going to be talking about some features of flameless candles. So let’s get into the discussion of its features.

Flickering vs steady light 

One amazing feature of such candles is they try to mimic the flame burning just like the real candles where a wick is used. Some emit a steady glow while the others show flickers. The steady glow ones are really good and if you prefer the flickering ones, go for it.

Adjusting brightness 

No matter what you prefer, brighter or softer light, flameless candles can do that for you. Intense white light is specifically best for decorating your terrace or a larger space because they are easier to spot and appear vibrant but if you want a softer light for photos, you can adjust that.

No wax

If you use a normal candle made from wax, it can be really dangerous if you have kids around. But flameless candles made from plastic can be used anywhere and won’t cause any harm even if you have dropped it.


This feature in flameless candles is not available in all of them but you can find some best flameless candles with timer online. You can set the timer to 6hours, 8 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours, etc. the only thing is, flameless candles with times tend to be a little expensive than the ones without a timer. But it’s definitely worth it if you want to turn the light off after quite a while.


Just like real candles, flameless candles also come scented. If you are someone like me that absolutely loves to have a scented candle but is scared of burning the house down, scented candles are a perfect solution. On the other hand, if you are a parent and don’t trust your kids with candles, but they insist on having them in their room, scented flameless candles will work best.

Different color options 

Normal candles come in one color but if you are a colorful person and would like some color in the candles, flameless candles offer them too. Whatever color you like, red, blue, purple, green whatever, they are available in it. If your room has a lot of blue in it, you can match the candles with the room by purchasing some blue flameless candles.

Power controls 

Along with the On and Off switches, most of the flameless candles come with remote controls so that you can control them without reaching towards them. If you are planning on putting your candles at a higher point in your room and can’t reach it without a ladder or chair, this will be really helpful.

Real scented candles can be really risky if placed in places where you’ll always walk around. Its always good to have a little bit of reality in your room mainly because all of the people’s life has become digital but real candles are just not very preferable. If you like to get normal candles, go for it, no ones gonna stop you but a simpler solution to the craving is a flameless candle.

If you are looking for some amazing flameless candles in different colors and scents, check out the website themarany. They have some really good products at cost-effective prices you can check out. Overall, if you plan on using flameless candles, no matter which color or scent, you’ll enjoy the peaceful and graceful radiance it will bring into your space.



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