How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working Issue !

 Are you an IOS User? Trying to transfer your data from one place to another?

It is quite a lot of struggle. Isn’t it?

Whether you are a previous iOS user or you are switching from android to iOS, you would want to check this post to help you fix your problem.

How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working Issue !
Move to iOS Not Working Issue

 So, keep scrolling as you are about to get the solution to each detail mentioned below:

Hope the glimpse of the aforementioned topics is able to relate well with your issue.

 So why delay, Let’s get started!

 Apple Lucky Launch!

 To make this transfer easier for people, Apple has luckily launched a Move to ios app that transfers data like photos, videos, messages, calendar, contacts, and much more from your android to iOS.

 This is done usually in very few simple steps.

 Apple Lucky Launch!
 Apple Lucky Launch!

 But since you are here, I assume that you are facing troubles and are in search of a proper solution.

 Either your move to iOS not working, or your move to ios unable to migrate, or your move to ios won’t connect.

Whatever the issue you are facing, here are some quick tips on How to fix move to ios.

 Check it out!

So, we assume you have your brand-new iPhone and you are ready to transfer all the data from your previous android phone. You have installed the move to ios Android app, and followed all the steps that popped out. 

 The next moment you see, the move to ios could not communicate with the device.

 All the excitement goes in vain!

 You start searching as to what you can do to fix the problem, you might have also restarted your phone several numbers of times. Just so you know, this won’t do any good.

 This step-by-step guide will help you to fix all the problems that come with the move to iOS.

 Now let’s see How to fix the move to ios.

How to Fix Move to iOS Not Working Issue !
Move to iOS Not Working

 Before starting off, make sure that your iPhone is not already set up.

 If so, then you’ll have to transfer all the data manually, by yourself, selecting one at a time! 

 You can do a factory data reset of your iPhone, just before beginning to transfer.

 Firstly, when starting with a move to iOS, you need to make sure of a couple of things, like-

1.Wi- Fi connectivity

 A lot of times, Wi-Fi may cause connectivity issues and this will lead to Move to iOS won’t connect. This is because the move to the iOS app uses a private Wi-Fi network when transferring data, which may result in a “Move to iOS won’t connect” sort of a situation.

 To avoid this, keep a check:

  • when you transfer the data, make sure that your Android phone or your iPhone is not connected to any other Wi-Fi network.
  • Forget all the current Wi-Fi connections from your android device. This way the android will be ready to connect with any new connections. 
  •  Both of your phones, android, and iPhone should not be connected to any Wi-Fi network.

Furthermore, the Wi-Fi hotspot is created by your iPhone, and this allows the transfer of data. This Wi-Fi hotspot is usually inactive and has no internet in it. It is just used for data transfer. And any hindrance in this will stop the process and won’t allow you to transfer.

  Once this is done, your iPhone will detect any nearby android device which has a running Move to iOS app installed in it. And a security code will be generated which can then be entered into the android device and the selected content will then be transferred to the iOS.

2.Cellular Data turned off-

 As this system only uses Wi-Fi connectivity, keep in mind to turn off your cellular data, so that it doesn’t interrupt the working of the Move to iOS app.

On your android device, turn off the set of “Smart Network Switch”. If this is turned on, it will fail to have a proper connection with the iPhone.

3.Airplane Mode-

 Another way to avoid any kind of disturbance is to put both of your phones on Airplane mode.

Pretty simple!

Avoid any kind of communication from both of your phones. This will just keep you connected to your iPhone’s Wi-Fi.

4.Restart your Device-

This might seem very much obvious and one of the fastest methods. But this is one of the most common methods when troubleshooting any errors in your mobile phone. Reboot both of your devices that are Android as well as iPhone

5.Compatibility of the devices-

Whether your iOS device is running iOS 9.0 version or higher. Make sure both device’s software versions are compatible with each other for the transfer.

  1. Power Supply- And also make sure to keep the batteries of both the phones charged enough for you to work. You can also plug in the phones for a consistent power supply.
  2. Battery Optimization turned off- Ensure that the battery optimization setting in your android phone is turned off. As the optimizer tries to reduce the battery usage, it stops some of the programs on your phone. You need to make sure, move to iOS is not one of them. 

       Now, let’s look for more possible Issues

 Move to ios could not communicate with the device 

So, in this case, keep in mind that your iOS device is not set up. You can do a factory data reset before starting off anything. And all the above-mentioned connections are taken care of. 

Move to iOS unable to migrate – 

So, then, make sure whatever data or content you are transferring, is no more than your iPhone/iPad/iPod storage. This might hamper the transfer and will not allow you to transfer the entire data. (Make sure it fits!)

But still, if it is not happening and you are tired of seeing an error that says, Move to iOS unable to migrate? 

Move to an iOS application may require a stable Wi-Fi connection and a compatible device. You might be someone who doesn’t have a phone that fits in these criteria. 

Since this issue cannot be solved by the above-mentioned steps, you might need some alternatives to transfer your data. 

Let’s take a look at what they are- 

1.Cloud Storage – Google Drive, Dropbox

  •  These 2 online storage applications offer a simple way to store and restore your data from your android device into your iOS. 
  • Before storing in data, you’ll have to sign up for this software using your Gmail address.
  •  The only drawback is that they have limited storage space and cannot backup files more than the specified limit. 
  • For Google Drive, the storage space is 15 GB while for Dropbox it is 2GB. If you have something of this size to transfer then these 2 applications are great alternatives. 
  • You can first back up all the data on your android device, and later on, download all the data to your iOS device.  

2.Online storage services-

  • There are many online storage services that allow you to transfer data with their platform. In most cases, you can transfer up to about 2-4 GB of data.
  •  These services let you upload your files for a limited period, and later you can download it wherever you wish to. 
  • A drawback here being- you cannot share sensitive data, nor can you upload large files due to limited space provisions. 

3.Xender and share it- 

These 2 are other alternative applications that allow amazing data transfer facilities. You can easily transfer any data like music, videos, files from any of the software Mac, Windows, Android, directly into iOS


  • AnyTrans is another alternative application for data transfer. It transfers contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more. 
  • You can select the items that you want to transfer and all the data remains in it even after transfer. 

5.MobileTrans – 

  • This software is the easiest way to switch all your data from android to iPhone. It transfers almost all kinds of data without having to reset or deleting your original data. 
  • You just need your USB cables, Laptop and your Android and iPhone, both the devices. 

6.Send Anywhere- 

  • One of the safest ways to share and transfer your files. This doesn’t require any signup or login. 
  • It just pops a 6 digit code for you to connect the 2 devices and you can share as many files as you like, hassle-free.


  • The age-old method of transferring your files is also one of the alternatives you can opt for.
  •  If you have files that require a small amount of space like contacts. You can also transfer sensitive data via Email, as this is an effective method of choice

Now, you must be wondering, All this work and no time! 

We know, time is precious, so let’s know more on-time investment too! 

How long does a move to iOS take?

 As the new iPhone 12 has launched recently, many people must have upgraded and switched from an android to iPhone. And they are looking to transfer their data from their android to their brand new iOS.

Move to iOS Not Working

 Besides wanting to know how to transfer data from android to iOS using the move to the iOS app, you might also want to know how long does move to iOS take.

 Because obviously, you don’t want to spend forever transferring your data.

 Just like any other transfer, this depends on what content and data you are transferring. There is no specific time limit or a specific time range to it.

 According to Apple, it basically ranges from 10 minutes to half an hour or so.

 But there are many other factors that come into play, like the connectivity speed and stability of your Wi-Fi connection.

In The End

Move to iOS is a great application and helps to transfer unlimited data from your Android to your iPhone. But sometimes you may face some glitches, maybe due to Wi-Fi connectivity or the compatibility of the devices. There could be data that is not compatible with the iPhone and thus the transfer doesn’t happen. This piece offers some easy fixes in case you face those issues. 

Also, there are some alternatives that have been mentioned which will help you migrate the data between your devices. 

Hope you found this helpful. If you just learned how to fix your problem, don’t forget to share your experience! 


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