Learn the step-by-step instructions on unlocking your iPhone

This piece aims to provide a clearer understanding of what a locked iPhone is and the key reasons why they are locked by carriers. This guide will help illustrate the various forms of iPhone locking available and how it occurs. You will learn the step-by-step instructions on unlocking your iPhone as you read further in this article.

In order to be sure of the distinction between a locked phone and an unlocked phone, we decided to give you the best definition:

In the iPhone community, the phrase “locked iPhone” is commonly used and can be used to denote a variety of different things. For instance, an iPhone that is ‘locked’ may refer to an Apple-approved iPhone with a locked home screen, an iPhone that is locked to a particular carrier, or an iPhone that is locked to the app and iOS interface. Knowing the difference between these different uses always help in distinguishing what iPhone users are talking about when using the word “locked iPhone.”

How to know if your iPhone is locked

The best choice is to get in touch with the network provider, this may not be a fast solution, but it’s probably the best-it may take a while for the carrier to get back to you but it may be worth calling your network provider to see if they can help, that is if you need to know for sure. y Most carriers will check as long as you can provide the iPhone IMEI number

Using independent IMEI checking services like iPhoneIMEI.net is another smart way to find out about your phone lock status. The service might well be provided by your carrier if you choose to go with that option. Anyway, it certainly won’t hurt to inquire.

It is always advisable to find out the hidden information on an iPhone using the IMEI number, do this whenever you need to sell or buy new iPhone devices.

Carrier’s iPhone Locked

Another meaning of the word “locked iPhone” refers to an iPhone that only one carrier can use. Verizon and AT&T are the only cell phone providers in the United States that can be used with the iPhone as of March 2011.

Users of cell phones on other networks, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, are unable to use the iPhone on their networks. In addition, an iPhone is “locked” to a particular network to which it is connected; in this scenario, it becomes impossible for an AT&T iPhone user to use the phone on Verizon and the same applies to Verizon users.

Why does an iPhone get locked?

To begin with, let’s start by understanding just what a locked iPhone is. Depending on the brand and model, high-end smartphones, including the iPhone, are typically very costly. Traditionally, in return for, at least, a two-year contract, carriers subsidize the selling price. This process allows the customer to pay less for the handset. In a situation where these Iphones are bought without a contract or “SIM-free,” as they term it, the customer will have to pay the entire price in advance, which can often be an outrageous amount. The binding arrangement that required the phone to be locked to that particular carrier is only to guarantee that the buyer will uphold their end of the bargain for the time being before the network provider has completely recovered their money.

The binding contract guarantees that, over the course of the contract, the carrier is able to recover its subsidy. If for whatever reason, users break the contract early, he will be charged an ETF (early termination fee) to ensure that they get their money.

The official way to unlock an iPhone

The best and the official way to unlock an iPhone is by simply calling the carrier and have them unlock the phone, as long as you can provide the necessary information, the phone will be unlocked, that is just about how simple it can be to get an iPhone unlocked, another option is using a paid service, there are several phone unlocking vendors online that sell phone unlock.

Reason to unlock iPhone?

For official iPhone unlocking, we highly recommend iPhoneIMEI.net

Once unlocked, the iPhone could be used on any compatible carrier offering GSM service around the world. It is basically as simple as putting the SIM card of your choosing on the iPhone and popping out the existing SIM card.

For instance, in the U.S., AT&T users who are able to unlock their phones can do so and easily migrate to T-Mobile without changing phones. Since GSM technology is used by both carriers, customers can easily remove the previous SIM card and insert one of their new carriers.

Also worth bearing in mind, when trading an iPhone, an unlocked iPhone will fetch more money than a phone locked to a particular carrier. This owing to the fact that an unlocked iPhone can be used or sold anywhere in the world, which increases the amount of cash people are willing to pay for used iPhones or other smartphones. However, if you have a locked AT&T iPhone, the new purchaser will either have to be on AT&T or the new owner will need to unlock the phone. Unlocking a phone can sometimes be difficult, if you are not the original contract owner, and can cost up to $150 today from a third party in other instances, and this drastically lowers the price a new customer is willing to pay for the phone.



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