Where Do Car Accidents Happen?

Road accidents are among the top ten causes of deaths today. According to statistics, car accidents claimed more than 36,560 lives in the US in 2018 alone. It’s essential to keep in mind that car accidents can cause debilitating and painful injuries. Even worse, these injuries can be frustrating if an accident was caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness when driving. 

So, what are the chances of being involved in a car accident? Although it might be challenging to know for a fact, it mainly depends on where and when you drive. Every time you get into your car, chances are that you are at risk of getting into an accident. The risk may be as a result of your own negligence or that of another driver or pedestrian. Even a normal drive down the road can put you at risk of getting into an accident. 

However, if you have been in an accident, injured parties can collect damages once they prove that another driver was responsible for an accident. You can rely on experts such as Bronx car accident lawyers to help you with your case. Let’s take a look at common places that car accidents are likely to occur.

Rural Roads

Although many people would expect car accidents to happen in urban areas, the sad reality is that most fatal car accidents take place on rural roads. According to reliable data, close to 57% of all fatal road accidents occur on rural roads.

Unlike urban roads, rural roads are often two-lane roads, meaning any loss in concentration or distraction will most likely lead to an accident. Surprisingly, most of the accidents happening on rural highways don’t take place in curves and sharp corners, but on straight roads! Therefore, do not let your guard down just because you are not driving in a busy urban street, you may end up in a ditch or on someone’s property.


Accidents taking place at intersections are always classified as t-bone crashes. This is because they often cause several serious injuries such as head trauma, broken legs and shoulders, and whiplash. This is not to say that intersection car accidents can’t be fatal. Intersection accidents mainly occur due to improper driving, being under the influence of alcohol, speeding, or distracted driving, among many others. 

Close to Home

Although it’s least expected, a significant percentage of all nonfatal car accidents occur close to a person’s home. These accidents usually happen within 5 miles of a person’s residence. As you would expect, these accidents occur in neighborhoods and include minor events such as ramming into a passing car or even sideswiping a parked vehicle. 

At the same time, a huge number of these accidents take place in parking lots. Although these accidents are less likely to be fatal, they can cause irrevocable damage to a vehicle. 

Rush Hour Traffic

If you are consistently traveling in traffic, you are at a higher risk of getting into a car accident. If you’ve been driving for quite some time, you probably know that rush hour traffic is a popular site for minor fender bender accidents. These accidents are as a result of fatigue or distracted driving. This is particularly common for drivers who drive to work through the early morning traffic and drive home through the hefty evening traffic. 

Reach Out to a Professional Attorney

Although car accidents often take people by surprise, some are caused by reckless driving. Regardless of whether an accident is fatal or a simple fender bender, the guilty party must take responsibility for the damages. If you have been involved in an accident due to another driver’s fault, then it’s paramount to consult a professional lawyer for advice.


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