How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

Are you one of kind who keeps exploring the functioning of iphones or Mac? Or you have bought new Mac and struggling to sync contacts from iPhone to Mac?

If Yes, your search ends here!

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

This piece of information has got all the answers to the questions popping in your head while syncing the contacts from iPhone to mac.

Not Sure? Here is a list of questions to give purpose for a good read!

  • iCloud contacts not syncing
  • What should I do if iPhone contacts not syncing to iCloud?
  • How to sync contacts from Mac to iPhone?
  • How to connect the phone to mac?
  • Why can’t I sync my iPhone?


So, let’s get started to vanish the issues in the air!

Usually, the contacts on our phone list are huge, isn’t it? And, how many of them you can remember of your own, 15-20? 

But if you have 1,000 – 2,000 numbers (which nowadays we usually have)Will that be easy to remember all those numbers? 

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

Of Course not!

In our day to day life we use the numbers to do business, call our close ones or there are many other activities. It is always better to keep the backup of your contact list so that you don’t need to worry about accidental data loss. 

By transferring or importing contacts from your iPhone to any iMac, we can keep our records safe for a longer time. 

Considering the fact, it is important to know , How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac:

And the good news is that there are several ways through which you can connect your iPhone to Mac without any issues. The best practice is to sync the contacts from iPhone to Mac via iCloud:

So, lets figure out, how to connect your iPhone to Mac:

Step 1: 

  • On your iPhone, on the home screen, press the setting option, 
  • select your device name, and,
  • then tap on the iCloud. 

The screen will show some apps where you will get the contacts option and enable it.

 If it asks for merge or cancels then you have to click on merge. 

Step 2: 

Now it is the turn for your iMac. 

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
  • Click on the system preferences  
  • choose iCloud. 
  • Log in with you Apple ID. 
  • Checkmark  in the contact box to sync the contacts from your iPhone to iMac.

Step 3: 

Since the iPhone and iMac are now in sync, you can open the Apple contacts in your iMac and you can select all to view the contact lists that have been synced from the phone. 

There are a few probabilities that your iCloud may not get sync to your iPhone. 

So, there is another way through which you can import your contacts from iPhone to iMac without using iCloud. 

iCloud Contacts Not Syncing

Please follow the below steps to get connected:

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

Step 1: Click on the Finder or iTunes on your iMac and connect your iPhone using the USB cable. 

Step 2: In Finder, you have to choose your device name which is in the sidebar of the screen. You have to click on the info option and then check on the “Sync Contacts”.  After that, you have to click on the apply button for the syncing to take place.

Just to let you know! It is the easiest way to sync your contacts from iPhone to iMac without using the iCloud interface.

What Should I Do If iPhone Contacts Are Not Syncing To iCloud?

There are times when you will find that everything is perfectly configured with your iCloud still it seems that it is not working. 

Since iCloud is the simplest way that you can sync contacts easily with your iMac, you would like to go through this process. 

In this case, you can follow the following steps if iCloud is not helping you out. 

The quickest thing you can do:

  1. You have to enter the same iCloud account in all other devices. 
  2. Sign-out of the iCloud, reboot your devices and sign in again in iCloud.

How to sync contacts from Mac to iPhone:

We normally transfer many things from Mac to iPhone like contacts, photos, music. 

Due to the best compatibility, we usually do it on a regular basis. Here we will tell you how to transfer contacts from Mac to iPhone.

  • You can transfer contacts via iCloud:

Step 1: In your mac open “System Preference” then click on iCloud and using your log-in ID of Apple you can select the contacts. Over there you can sync all the contacts or can sync important contacts. 

How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?
How To Sync Contacts From iPhone To Mac?

Step 2: At the same time, you have to go to the settings of your phone enter your name and open iCloud and then you can enable the contact. After that contacts from Mac will be sync to your phone. 

The other things which may hinder syncing through iCloud, you can check as follows:

  • Check your Internet connection:

A slow internet connection might be a problem, so you can check on that. If you have a good internet connection and still you are facing the same problem then try to rest the network on your iPhone. 

  • You should deselect all third-party accounts:

If your contacts are not syncing to iCloud and it shows that you have to sync the contacts through third-party accounts then you have to uncheck them. After that, you have to choose “All-iCloud”. 

  • By setting iCloud as your default account:


Check-in your phone settings if iCloud is set as your default account. If not then you should do it.

  1. Click on the settings on your phone and then click on contacts.
  2. Tap on the default account and choose iCloud
  3. Turn off and then turn on iCloud syncing

If you are still not able to sync the contacts through the iCloud then best you can turn off the iCloud syncing and then again turn it on. 

You can even sign out of the iCloud and then again sign in back.

  • Update IOS on your phone:

It is quite common that IOS tends to update its version. 

If your iCloud is not syncing after applying multiple options that means that your phone is not in the latest version of IOS. So, it is always better to update the system before it slowed down.

Hope the good read has given all the ways you need to sync contacts safely from iPhone to mac.Keep reading with us for more quick techniques.


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