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“A powerful device enables you to do more.”

Acknowledging the above quote, we understand being an iPhone user, how crucial it becomes to understand the setting thoroughly.

Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings
Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings

And so, we got you back!

After reading this whole piece of information related to apply id settings, you will be able to resolve almost all the concerns that apple users often come across.

This read will help get top closer to the solution of the following issues:

  • Why does your apple id verification fail?
  • Why can’t you verify your apple id?
  • Why does i-tunes verification fail?
  • Where to enter your apple id verification code.
  • Updating apple id settings 
  • Why can’t you verify your apple id?
  • Specific passwords for your apple app

So, ready to be a PRO!

We know these topics are very crucial and sometimes are difficult to handle and that is why all the apple users cannot wait to see information related to them.

So, pick out your iPhone and start reading the custom-made manual we prepared specially for you on how to update apple id settings.

The Settings and Arrangements

Now let’s quickly spill the beans on apple id settings, update, verification and much more!

Why is my apple id verification failing?

Are you one of those who face the ‘why does my apple id keep saying verification failed’, the question again and again?

Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings
Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings
  1. While there can be many reasons behind the failure of your apple id verification, the major and the most common reason can be the network problem.

If your device is not connected to an authentic wifi connection with a good speed, then your device will continue to deny your verification.

Connect your device to an authentic network connection or on the cellular network and then do the process all over again. If you still can’t verify apple id, do the steps given below.

2.The second reason behind the failure can be because of your own device.

Restart your iPhone and then check whether your phone is updated or not. After doing these two things, try the verification process again with an authentic and speedy network.

3.The other details that you have to keep in mind while verifying your apple is are the date and time of your device.

Keeping these few things in mind will help you a lot every-time you require to da the apple id verification and the question that is constantly disturbing you regarding ‘why is my apple id verification failed’ will be completely vanished.

How amazing is that!

Now, let’s have a look at some other verification problems that iPhone users go through.

iTunes verification failed

Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings
Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings

ever happened with you? trying to verify your iTunes but failing every time? Confused and anxious because you don’t know what you did wrong?

Here is what you need to do to avoid another failure in your iTunes verification.

  1. Make sure your device is connected to your wifi network. 
  2. Don’t forget to double-check whether you are signed in with the same apple id from all of your devices.
  3. If these things are all fine, then try generating a verification code from another device you own or from a trusted person device.
  4. Use that code to verify your iTunes and if required, set up your apple credentials again.
  5. Don’t forget to remember those details or to write them down to avoid future verification problems. 

What do I do if my apple id won’t verify?

Another common question and problem that iPhone users or apple product users face. The answer to this query is also very simple. Have a look at the steps given below.



  1. Unlock your phone and go to settings.
  2. Click on the iCloud and select the apple id username option.
  3. If it shows that your device is offline, tap to get the verification code.
  4. If it shows that your device is online, tap on the password and security option, and get the verification code.
  5. And now, use that code to verify your apple id.
Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings
Fix Issue-How to Update Apple id Settings

after reading all the solutions related to the verification error, you must be thinking ‘where do I enter apple id verification code’ after receiving it, right?

Here is your solution to this query as well.

  1. First, you have to sign in with your apple id and password on a new browser or a new device.
  2. Then look for sign-in notifications on any of your trusted device.
  3. After doing that, select the ‘allow to receive your verification code’ option.
  4. And finally, enter the verification code you received on your other device to complete the sign-in process.

How easy is that!

Apple and Solutions!

Ever heard of update apple id settings stuck? Ever been through this problem? What have you done in that case? How did you deal with that problem?

Maybe your friend or sibling has gone through such a situation. What have they done to overcome it?

And if you have never heard this happening nor have you seen anyone going through such a problem, then tell us what will you do if you face the problem of update apple id settings getting stuck?

No idea? No solution? Well, we have one solution for you to come out of this situation or to help somebody else who is facing such a problem.

Try to restart your device. A forced restart so that it will be refreshed and this problem gets solved easily.

If it still doesn’t help, create a backup and then perform a factory reset and see your problem going away within minutes.

Apple app-specific password

If you use Apple products, you must be aware of this term. When you use any third-party app on your device with your Apple ID, Apple app-specific passwords allow you to sign in to your account securely.

Here are the steps on how to generate app-specific passwords

  1. Sign in to your apple id page and go to the security section.
  2. Then click on generate password below App-specific password.
  3. Then follow the steps given on your screen and generate an app-specific password for the app.
  4. After doing that, enter that password in the field of the app where you want to apply it. 

If you ever feel the need to remove that password you can remove it anytime by following the steps given below.

  1. Sign in to your apple id page account again and click on the security section.
  2. Click on view history that will be available in the app-specific password section.
  3. All your app-specific passwords will appear there, click on ‘X’ if you want to delete any of them, or just click on ‘Revoke all’ if you want to remove all of the app-specific passwords.

Now you are all set to handle your apple verifications, updates, and passwords. Congratulations on that!


Easy and step by step methods to solve any problem and find solutions, work the best. Whether is an apple device or any other device, you can conquer and tackle all the difficulties if you know what’s the right thing to do!

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