How to Fix iTunes Error 9039

Widening your music library, and suddenly there’s a halt with an error message, frustrating! Right? Now, the question arises- What’s Itunes unknown error 9039? Why this occurs? And most importantly, how to fix this?

Are we on the same page? Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig some details for all the answers you need! 

What does error code 9039 mean?

It’s been said by many users and also being proven that this error occurs mostly due to two main reasons.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9039
iTunes Error 9039

Firstly, the iTunes error code 9039 typically appears when you try to connect your Airplay device to iTunes as a Windows or Mac user. 

And secondly, all of a sudden you found a halt opening your music library because an error occurred to the Apple Music library. 

In these two cases, you might get this error all of a sudden with a message of error that appears after the connection attempt fails. 

Noting to worry about it. If there’s an error there’s a way to fix it. 

Let us share some good pieces of information and uncover every way to fix this error. 

How to Resolve iTunes Error 9039?

How to Fix iTunes Error 9039
iTunes Error 9039

Let’s Start with some derring-do!

Fix 1: Restart Your Computer. 

When any error hits your computer all of a sudden, the very first thing you try is to restart your computer. And fortunately, if it’s work, then surely you would say it a fix to that error. The same with error code 9093. 

Does it work? 

How to Fix iTunes Error 9039

The real response is Yes!

Restarting your computer can often sound uncommon, but it works and is certainly one of those methods to fix up this error.

It happens probably because of your operating system that might encounter any temporary bug or glitch. which eventually cause the iTunes applications trouble while working. 

So, after restarting your computer, you are just rebooting the operating system that eliminates unwanted bugs or glitches. 

How to Restart? 

It’s simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Press the Windows key at the bottom left corner and click on the Start menu.
  • Step 2: Next to this click the Power button to open the Power Options list. 
  • Step 3: Lastly, just chose the Restart option that begins rebooting your computer. 

After that, wait to reboot the computer completely. And now try using the iTunes app once again. If there’s no error code 9039 on iTunes, then great else moves to the next method. 

Not working for you?

No worries, let’s unroot the second method!

Fix 2. Try to Re-Log into Your iTunes Account Again. Again.

The second method to fix this error is to try re-login your iTunes account after logging out.

How does this work?

 Sometimes it happens when your iTunes account might encounter any temporary glitch which eventually causes the error code 9039.   

Does it Work?

 If not might be something else is the reason. Just follow the next method to fix this error.

Fix 3. Update iTunes. 

If the above two methods don’t work then this might be the reason. 

The next thing you can do to fix this error as quickly as possible in iTunes is to check for all possible updates. 

Why updating iTunes is necessary? 

It’s possible that the version of iTunes that’s on your computer might be outdated and stands as a reason for this error 9093.

This is another reason which acts as the major cause of this error, that’s also been proven by multiple reports by users on various Apple support forums.

If there’s any update available just follow the instruction popped with the available update. 

After the update is completed, just restart your computer and check the iTunes app for the error, fixed or not. 

Or, you can proceed with solution number 4.

Fix 4. Update Your iCloud Music Library. 

One major reason might be the iCloud Music Library update. Does the error get fixed after updating the iCloud Music Library? 

Yes, it works if you have subscribed to Apple Music.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9039
iTunes Error 9039


It’s being reported by many users that after updating Library this error code 9039 went away from their computer, if there’s trouble then you might also get a message while adding any music to your cart that’s “This item was not added to your iCloud”.

How to update the iCloud Music Library? 

Here’s is the simple way to update your iCloud Music Library. Just follow the steps- 

  • Step 1: Firstly, just launch the iTunes app on your computer choosing from the Desktop option.
  • Step 2: Next, to this click on the File that’s in the menu tab.
  • Step 3: Lastly, just click on the Library option and there you will find the update option to update iCloud Music Library chose it.

Now, it’s time to wait for the computer to restart and check back again if the error is fixed or not. 

There’s nothing left as a method to fix this error code Apple Mac’s or Windows operating system has all of sudden when you try to open your iTunes app. Try any of this method from the above mentioned and fix this error as quickly as possible. 


Any halt in the ongoing music just breaks the accent. It’s frustrating and can even break your peace. This error might take hours to resolve when you don’t know the exact way to fix it out. With reports from various Apple forums, we have collected all proven ways to fix this iTunes error 9039. We don’t want your ears to wait for the beat to continue, just check out all the methods to fix it carefully.

And let us know your side of the story!


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