What Happens When You Tell Siri 108 And Much More About It !

Hey Siri, I am an Apple User!

We are certain that you have already understood the bond of apple users with Siri.

Siri is like the best guide and makes your life easy when it comes to handling the phone and various tasks. Siri has links, on the Apple device mail, addresses, fax, maps, safari, etc. to many other advanced programs and calls on certain applications to present data or, anytime they need it, to browse through their databases. In the end, Siri does for you all the legwork.

what happens when you tell siri 108

Having said that, what all matters is what you are instructing. Right!

We are certain, the question must be popping up here is How do I talk to Siri?

So, let’s turn the leaf and figure out the right ways to make your Siri your best bud!

How do I talk to Siri?

Siri can be triggered simply by pressing and holding down the home button of your iPhone for a couple of seconds before the boop sound is detected. Then give your submission. Then, shut up, then.

Being an Apple user you must know that If you continue talking, Siri won’t get the whole sentence until you hear this audio prompt. Didn’t know what to do with some app for voice recognition, “… Bob at 4 a.m.” (“Remember to call Bob at 4 p.m.,” but Siri only picked up a half as soon as you weren’t waiting for this cue.)

what happens when you tell siri 108

Similarly, Siri would assume that is a part of it if you continue to speak after you have asked for your question. The microphone remains in operation until you notice a quiet depression (or at least one major audio deposition). So you’re going to confuse Apple’s hell when you say, “Remember to call Bob at 4:00 … your dumb phone, I can’t believe that you’ve changed a lot of Apple money for that.”

And here’s a biggie: the audio sensor will continue to hear a lot of ambient noise, which again gives rise to muddled demand. You get used immediately after you finish the conversation to the onscreen button. That turns the microphone off and forces Siri to work. Your findings will significantly change.

We have heard a lot of rumors about 108 and many apple users are asking about saying 108 to Siri. So scroll down to know every detail related to saying 108 to Siri.

What does saying 108 to Siri do?

You see, sophisticated innovations such as Siri are not without their dangerous attachments. For example, in the recent past, people have had a problem with Siri. One event of the head was where a psychopath consulted “her” for a killing. It has an ultra-realistic voice, and it is always a unit if you talk to this Artificially Intelligent Device (AI)!

Also, it is understood that computers protect all the data that they communicate with or at least preserve a history. What our psycho did not understand was that his searches were registered and so did the CIA. Siri has come to the police investigation department by bringing the culprit into trouble, based on which side of the crosstalk you view this incident from.


The first people discovered in 2017 that Siri was ‘armed’ to make man’s life simpler, using nearly all of the keys. In reality, it’s the true significance of a computer, something that can make us comfortable or make our job easier, I would say! Apple found that they had to load virtually all emergency lines to their Siri based servers to potentially go internationally.

This was misused by the first people to find it. Siri 108 automatically triggers the request protocol for an ambulance department. Emergency facilities including the police, an ambulance, or the fire department are used. In India, the number 108 is 999, or in the USA 911. The other numbers listed are 112, 110, 000, but not just 112. If the call has not been finished in 5 seconds after ‘spitting’ order number 108 to Siri, officials will be alerted, based on their geographical location.

The 5 – the second cycle of grace is given to affirm that you wish to proceed with the call. Please use this number if you approach the emergency rooms incidentally and effectively. If it’s not a game, Apple thanks for always discovering creative ways to make people’s lives more successful. So be cautious while commanding Siri as it may lead to something unexpected.

Siri Talking 

what happens when you tell siri 108

The chat app deals with the first way Siri knows you. The basic operation of a word for word clear recognition of speech must be nice if you are trying to hear what you say, but the context may all be deciphered by statistics and machine learning.

In Siri, there’s a lot of work to anticipate what you get based on the main words, your general preferences, and your preference of expression. It is programmed to adjust over time and to personalize responses to your tastes. The service delegation system offers unrestricted access to and operation of all built-in iPhones.


There are many more similar incidents of ‘psycho-saga,’ which could not have entered the mainstream. For example, let’s speculate on someone who owns unregistered firearms, searches for local hubs, etc. Nevertheless, do not call Siri in a trick of 108. Be cautious, too, about what you ‘feed it’ material.


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