How to Put The Date On Snapchat Guide

Are you a Snapchat user? Do you generally get intimidated when seeing people using various filters in their pictures on Social Media?

Well, one of the commonly used multimedia messaging apps where you can connect with people across the world is Snapchat. Oh, of course you’ve heard the name even if not used. Right?

Whether you’re an Android or an iOS user, the app is there on both the stores and is being loved by the users across the globe. So, why not try some filters when you snap?

Snapchat allows users to add different types of attractive filters. If you are wondering or been excited about how you can get the date, time, and clock filter in Snapchat then you are at the perfect place.

We’re here to help and ensure you could enhance your pictures by knowing how you can get several filters on Snapchat. Here we go!

Get the Date Filter On Snapchat, Ask How?

The Snapchat date filter is used for informing your friends about the date when you took a snap. Well, it could be a memory to cherish, and Snapchat allows users to add the date to the snap before uploading and is displayed over the picture.

While, the feature is available on Snapchat available since forever, but not known commonly by the everyone. Let us simplify it for you!

  • After you have taken a snap, you will see a lot of filters.
  • Scroll across the different filters and find the time filter.
  • Click on the time filter and you will see that the date has been added to your snap.
  • You can time the time filter option again to get a different font.

How to get the Snapchat time filter?

Adding Snapchat time filter is not a big deal anymore, however if you’re new then we got you covered here within a few steps.

The Snapchat time filter has been modified and you can no longer use it by swiping left or right after taking a snap. The filter is displayed as a sticker to display the time of the snap.

For using this filter, make sure that the Snapchat application is updated. Follow the steps below and you should be good:

  • Open Snapchat in your device and ensure that you’re signed in.
  • You will see a big circle icon at the bottom of your screen. Tap the circle and take a snap. You can also hold the button for recording a video.
  • Snapchat uses your front or back camera depending on the preference that you selected in the application’s settings; however, you can always choose to rotate your camera while clicking pictures.
  • Tap the “Stickers” icon once you have clicked the picture.
  • Now tap on the time effect option to add the time filter to your snap.

Commonly known as the ‘Snapchat clock’ filter as it inserts a digital clock mentioning the time of the snap.


These were just a few of the filter features available in Snapchat while you can even add temperature etc. to your snap apart from date and time. Meanwhile, snapchat has been enhancing the overall interface for better user experience which has led to a great increase in the number of users across the globe.

Keep Snapping!


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