What Happens If You Say 112 To Siri?

112: Danger!

Rolling your eyes and thinking what is so dangerous?

Well, let us share here!What Happens If You Say 112 To Siri?

Every country has some special dedicated numbers for the emergency. In the same manner, 112 is an emergency number in Europe and this means emergency help is needed. 

So, if you have been wondering about connecting 112 to Siri or thinking to question, what is 112 Siri?

Here you are with the accurate connection!

112 to Siri means that someone is asking for help.

This number is free of charge and anyone who needs the emergency help can dial this number from the fixed or cell phone. The service applies to the EU.

Quick Fact on How Does 112 works in US

Well, the working of 112 clearly indicates that someone is needs immediate help and when someone from Europe is traveling to US or is in the US and call 112 this again means that someone from Europe in the US needs emergency help and this is direct to 911 which is the official number for the emergency help in the United Status

What Happens If You Say 112 To Siri?

In Europe, many other numbers are used for the emergency but 112 is used for the direct approach to emergency services.

A.ha! Here is focus point, 112 to Siri is to be safe and shouldn’t be played with because then if someone say what happens, you will end up saying One twelve Siri happens.

On that note, lets understand the situation of saying 112 to Siri can be a life savior for you.

Siri 112 what happens

In emergencies, this number can save many lives. Let us share a situation!

A person from Europe is living in the US somewhere and his house is on fire. It is quite possible that at that particular moment he may not be able to remember the emergency number of the US and dialed one twelve Siri for help.

You know what, A fire brigade will still be sent to his place directly to save him and this is how this number can work in emergencies for many who are not aware of the national emergency number of the United States, which is 911.

In the same manner, if you are traveling to other countries than the US and wanted to get the help you can tell the Siri to call the 911 and within few seconds your call will be directed to emergency help numbers.

This is one of the most prominent methods of working and one can make good arrangements with help. But you should be careful with the use of this particular number and make sure that you are not calling them without any reason.

This can be a punishable crime and you can be penalized for it. In some cases where you are calling them by mistake, this can also be taken as an offense.

So, one should be quite careful with the use of this number and it is better to know what is 112 Siri before you are going to make a call to them.


112 to Siri is an emergency help number in Europe that you should only use when you are in the trouble and need emergency help. In case of an accident or fire, you can make the call and ask for quick and emergency help from them.

Never make a bias call to this particular number because this can be a punishable crime as per the law. The best part is that this number is for the European countries but if you are calling this number in the US for the help and your call be directed to the 911 which is the emergency number of the US and you will still get the help.


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