Best Paid Apps on the Windows Store

When looking for an app, most people initially look for a free option. In a sense, they see this as the best option for many. You will not get the best out of them. Most efficient apps that serve their purposes are not usually free. If you get the right app, you typically get what you are paying for.

Below are some apps for windows that are worth buying, apps that users get the most out of their money.But if you want to get a good paper writing service, visit this site that write papers for money.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an expensive app compared to other apps. But it is worthwhile for anyone that usually engages in writing a lot on the computer. It helps with all writing types, from writing school papers, a novel, blog, etc., it comes as a massive help with editing your work and improving on your grammar.

Like many other apps, Grammarly has a free plan. This plan gives you the basic features of the app. But to get the advanced features on readability, vocabulary, and detection of plagiarism, you need to get a premium plan. The subscription starts $29.95 per month. If you pay yearly, the price is $11.66 per month. Grammarly is highly recommended for writing, give it a try.

  1. Password Manager

To keep data safe, we need to use a password. And with many platforms that require passwords, you need a password manager to help you come up with secure passwords and safely keep them. Many password managers are available for free, case in point LastPass. And many password managers are not free, which are worth your dime.

One example is 1Password. It has handy features and has a smoother interface as compared to LastPass. One handy feature it has is the Watchtower. This feature alerts you when someone tries to breach or breaches your password. Another feature is the Travel mode. This feature allows you to remove passwords when crossing borders on your device.

Despite Lastpass being free, it also has a premium plan. Upgrading to premium gives you features like secure storage, sharing one-to-many, and other features.

  1. Backblaze

With a lot of stuff stored on your computer, one must have a backup tool. Backblaze is a backup tool that is worth your money. In an instance, you can lose your data such as photos, documents if you don’t have a backup.

Windows offers a local backup option that’s built-in. This backup option doesn’t necessarily protect your data from physical damage to your drives, such as theft or fire. Backblaze, which is a cloud backup, acts as an essential part of your backup.

Backing up your data from your computer is at a flat fee. With this, you can back up as much data as you can. The backups are automatic, and you choose what folders you want to backup. You are also able to restore a file or the entire backup when you need to.

  1. Groupy 

When you are browsing, having tabbed browsing is very convenient. What if it is possible for you to do the same with other software on your computer? Groupy is a windows utility that can group tabs.

You drag apps on top of other window apps, and you group them. With multiple tabs put together, you can work on a single task. Groupy gives you the option of saving the tabs so that you can open them later.

The groupy app will cost you a few bucks, but it will be money well spent.

  1. Microsoft 365

Slowly by slowly, the need to have Microsoft office becomes less. With apps like Office Online and LibreOffice, which are free. These alternatives have worked for many people, but when it comes to buying an Office app, Microsoft 365 is the best option.

Microsoft office offers access to up to six people on the full office suite. A bonus of OneDrive usage of 1TB and skype calling for 60 minutes a month. All these costs $100 a year.

It is a great value considering other cloud services charge more for less the services that you get from Microsoft 365.


These are some of the best software that you can pay for. It is not an exhaustive list; more apps are there for you to check. Find apps that are suitable for your needs.



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