What happens when you tell Siri ‘17’:

Who doesn’t know Siri? Whether a person uses an Apple phone or not, Siri is still a known concept for almost every other person.

And today we are going to talk about this artificial intelligence and how it works, or let’s be a little too precise, we will fill you up with all the necessary details about what happens when you tell Siri ‘17’.

Does number ‘17’ ring any bell when it comes to instructing Siri for the number ‘17’? If no, certainly, these must be the common questions that pops us

Why only ‘17’? Why not any other number? What will Siri exactly do when I say Siri ‘17’?

Will Siri actually be able to help me in an emergency situation?

And the most important query that we all would want to know is, Can I completely depend upon Siri for help?

Well, we understand your monkey mind and  considering the same,  we are now going to answer all such questions that are popping up in your head regarding Siri ‘17’,.

So let’s get started.

What happens when you tell Siri ‘17’:

What happens when you tell Siri ‘17
What happens when you tell Siri ‘17

You must or must not be aware of the fact that ‘17’ is an emergency number in several countries across the world.

This is the major reason behind making ‘17’ as the emergency indicator for Siri as well.

As soon as you say ‘17’ to Siri, it will automatically call for help on the emergency numbers of your current location.

Isn’t it a handy and convenient method to ask for help in an alien country where you might not be able to call for help due to lack of knowledge about emergency numbers? You’re too cool Siri!

Well, we really don’t wish that you get stuck in any such situation but we still have to applaud Siri and the person who came up with this innovative idea to ask for help in a panic situation.

Tell Siri ‘17’ about your emergency and you will get to know everything about how this number works for Siri and how telling Siri ‘17’ is helpful to you. Just make sure you are not accidentally dialing the emergency numbers while doing so.

What happens when you tell Siri ‘999’:

What happens when you tell Siri ‘17
What happens when you tell Siri ‘17

Another emergency number but with an inspiring story behind it. A four years old boy from London named Roman, asked Siri to call 999 when he saw his mother unconscious on the kitchen floor.

The four years old took his mother’s phone, put her thumb to unlock it and then asked Siri to call ‘999’. The call was received by the police officers in London and it took them a little while to ask the four years old about his address and location.

The boy was successful in getting expert help for his unconscious mother as the police reached his home on time and rescued Roman’s mother.

She was then hospitalised, got treated there and she got out of danger. Oh Siri, I can see superman qualities in you!

Can’t say if the boy was smart or Siri but the fact is both of them were helpful in saving the mother’s life

The officers later published the voice recording of the boy to inspire others about how to deal with a sensitive situation. Click on the link below to hear out this boy asking for help to save his mother’s life.

Siri emergency number:

Do you know what does saying ‘112 to Siri do or saying hey Siri 17 Saying 112 to Siri will automatically call on 911 which is also an emergency number. So don’t try it unless you are really in an emergency.

Now the question is why does Siri call 911 when I say 112?

Well the answer is that 112 is an emergency number in the UK, and when you ask Siri to dial 112 it automatically dials 911 since it’s the emergency number in the US.

According to Siri you are asking for help when you say 112 so it will help you no matter whether the number is 112 of UK or 911 of the US, it will call the emergency to help you out. Oh Siri, that’s so sweet and caring of you! Right?

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Siri emergency commands:

While asking Siri ‘17’, ‘112’, or ‘911’ if you are not actually in need of help then kindly make sure to command Siri to cancel the call immediately as it can be a punishable offence in your state to do such a prank.

It is important that the person who is actually in need of help calls the emergency and not the one who is just bored and thinking about doing something notorious because wasting time of police officials is not cool. Right?

The Siri emergency call service is very useful, users just have to make sure to use it responsibly.

What is Siri’s number:

What happens when you tell Siri ‘17
What happens when you tell Siri ‘17

Although you can make Siri dial phone numbers for you, your friend Siri does now own a private number, just a button to activate it’s services and talk to him or ask questions.

Just press and hold the home button, wait for the chime to show up, and then give Siri whatever command you have for it.

You can ask him questions, news updates, weather forecast, score of your favourite sports show, ask him to make calls and much more by not calling him but by just holding that small button on your screen

Another reason to love Siri, always ready to work for us, always ready to answer us. isn’t it?

Well,not just all this but there are people who actually ask funny and foolish questions, like asking Siri to swear, telling Siri 112 and then quickly disconnecting the call, or asking about why he is so serious all the time.

Well,people know how to find entertainment everywhere and they even know how to play with artificial intelligence. We find it positive and good till they don’t play pranks on others or don’t land themselves in trouble.

Siri is a very useful virtual assistant who is not just smart and intelligent but also very reliable and handy.

Telling you about its special features made us realize that we are actually talking about an exceptional app with multiple uses.

If you wish to explore more about it’s hidden talents then click on the link below.


Just by reading the article, you must have gotten all the required knowledge regarding ‘siri17’.

We discussed how this artificial intelligence can help you in the most difficult times whether you are in your own country or not, just by saying ‘17’ to Siri, it will call on the emergency number of the state or country and can bring you the required help.

We also discussed how this helpful feature should not be misused as it can land you into trouble and  you must be responsible enough not not to waste the time of your emergency helpers.

We hope you liked the article and we really hope this article helped you in getting answers to a lot of questions.


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