What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating?

With the changing era our lives, our schedules and our needs have changed drastically. Most of our lives depend on our phone nowadays and it’s quite frustrating when you don’t have access to one.

And the moment you see your iPhone stuck on the apple screen, it somehow triggers the “Nomophobia”.

 Has ever your iPhone XR stuck on the apple logo for more than an hour?

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating?

I am certain that imagining such a situation nowadays is scary.

Nothing could be worse than being excited to upgrade your iPhone only to find out that your iPhone won’t update and it’s got stuck now with a progress bar not moving.

If you have experienced it too then you could totally related to the read

Well, the iPhone update frozen issue has bothered a lot of iOS users. Either it freezes during an update or sometimes after the update is installed.

So if you have been wondering how to get my iPhone to unfreeze then believe me here is good read for you that worth your attention.

How to get my iPhone to unfreeze

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating
What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating

To keep your device updated is advised by Apple as well since it lets you enjoy the best of features offered in its device. Now this is an extremely tricky situation as you don’t want to refrain yourself from using the updated features and at the same time you don’t want the iPhone to get frozen forever.

What to do in case you find yourself in such a situation where your iPhone is now frozen while updating? Whether to rush to an apple store or just look in the mirror and ask yourself “why is my iOS update not installing?

Don’t worry you don’t have to do either one of them, because I am here to guide you.

It’s crucial to understand why the iPhone gets frozen?

So, lets get started with the some common situations and ways to deal with it while operating Iphones.

 Why is my iPhone stuck on the apple logo without restoring?

While there could be a lot of reasons that can trigger the quick question Why does my iPhone keep saying errors when updating?”

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating
What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating?

So, here is the compilations of the answers for the most frequent one’s for you.

  • If you have used all your iPhone’s internal storage then there won’t be any space left to accommodate the new update or for it to run smoothly.
  • In case your iPhone is overheated then update won’t install easily. Now this overheating could be for a lot of reasons including hardware issues or a temporary software crash.
  • If your data or Wi-Fi over which you are trying to install the update is unstable then there are high chances of your iPhone freezing during the update.
  • If you have been able to identify the problem making your iPhone freeze then you must immediately move to fix the problem.

In case, when none of the above worked was just how do I force my iPhone to update?

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

I wish we could bribe it with some candies, but that’s not how technology works sadly.

After some research I found that the first step is to Force restart your iPhone. Also known as Hard Reset, Force restarting your device is a very simple solution but works mostly.

Each iPhone has its own set of buttons that need to be used for hard reset. Your iPhone 7 can be hard reset by pressing the volume down and power button together.

For all other iPhone except iPhone 7 you need to press the home along with the power button till the screen blacks out and then lights up again.

In case the force restart does not work as well then you may utilize either one of external software available on the internet for system repair.

Go for the software that repairs the system without hampering your data that you have stored on the iPhone. Most of the time the system repair would fix the problem however if you experience the same issue later on as well then you may try to restore it via iTunes as well.

In order to restore it via iTunes you first need your USB data cable to be connected with iPhone and PC with the latest version of iTunes downloaded.

Luckily iTunes will detect your iPhone as soon as it is connected and you might be prompted to Trust the computer first. Once done, hit the Summary option on the iTunes main screen towards the left and then click the “Restore iPhone” option.

You will see a popup on the screen to confirm your request. Click on “Restore” and be patient while the process runs. It may take a little while for the process to get over.

Please be aware that this method is a bit technical and mostly results in data loss but it definitely solves the problem of your iPhone getting frozen while installing the update. As far as data is concerned, I have done my research for you to be relieved. Before restoring your iPhone make sure you backup your phone’s data so that you can retrieve it all later on.

Although it’s extremely disappointing to have your iPhone frozen while you are trying to update it but with the solutions to fix mentioned above you can be relieved.

How long does the iOS 13 update take?

What do I do if my iPhone is stuck while updating

Apple replied that the official time for an iOS update is usually an hour. The progress bar continues to show you the progress of installation but sometimes it’s very difficult to judge from the progress bar as it can get hard to tell if the bar is actually moving (even if slowly) or not moving at all.

Sometimes an iPhone stuck on it may take a few minutes to activate but it genuinely tests your patience when it gets stuck right at the end and then stays there for a lifetime.


Iphones are trendy and status symbol, however, it demands maintenance and well versed information. Next time you experience such an issue, be rest assured that all the above-mentioned solutions will save you hell a lot of time and effort.


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