Essentials for an NZ Mom: Maternity Bras, Pumps, and Nursing Pillows

New Zealand is one of the countries that adopted the 1983 World Health Organizations code that promotes breastfeeding.

Following this regulation, the New Zealand Infant Formula Marketer’s Association or NZIFMA agreed not to advertise breastmilk formula alternatives, even though they are still available in market shelves.

Because of the recognition of the government and the milk companies that breastfeeding is crucial, almost all the mothers in this country breastfeed their babies. Consequently, there has been a growing interest in breast pumps, nursing pillows, and maternity bras, NZ to make breastfeeding easier for mothers.

Breast pumps 

A breast pump is an essential baby feeding tool that helps both to increase milk supply and eliminate excess milk. It is a good investment for new moms since they do not have a constant milk supply yet, so the stimulation caused by pumping will be a big help. Additionally, moms who will not be staying at home can use pumped milk as a reserve for future use.

Pumps that are sold in the New Zealand market have to be 100% BPA-free and should be made from food-grade silicone. These characteristics will ensure that the milk will not be contaminated, and the baby will not be at risk for future health problems caused by industrial chemicals. 

Maternity Bras 

Maternity bras, or nursing bras, is an innovative form of female clothing that provides the baby with convenient access during breastfeeding. It is typically designed with flaps that can be pulled down or unclipped when the baby needs to feed. It also has pouches that can soak up the extra milk when the mom is lactating.

Aside from convenience, maternity bras, NZ also offer health benefits. Since it conforms to the breasts’ shape, it is a preventive tool against sagging breasts and stretch marks. Additionally, since it provides full support, it helps in alleviating the shoulder and back strain caused by breastfeeding.

Finally, it also prevents the breast from experiencing mastitis or plugged milk duct due to improper wearing of a bra. Regular bras with underwire often put unnecessary pressure on the soft tissue of the breasts, blocking the milk duct. When this happens, the mother can become susceptible to a mammary infection.

Because of the many perks that come with buying maternity bras, they have become an indispensable part of a mom’s wear. A high-quality maternity bra in New Zealand can cost around NZD 60-100.

Nursing pillows

Carrying your baby at all times can be very tiring. A nursing pillow can help alleviate this strain and make you more comfortable as you breastfeed. Some prefer a firmer flat pillow, while others like a curved one.

The important thing is that it can provide a snug fit for the mother’s waist. Other additional features that mothers may want to add in their pillow are straps or belts that would prevent it from falling off unnecessarily.  A good nursing pillow in New Zealand is approximately NZD 50-120.

The New Zealand market is stocked with products designed to alleviate the discomforts related to pregnancy and taking care of a newborn. Some of these include pumps, nursing pillows, and maternity bras. Having them in your checklist if you are expecting is a must to make life after pregnancy more convenient.


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