The Advantages of Invisalign Braces for Teens

Teens are in-between extreme age brackets. They have just come from being children to adolescents who now have a say in all things personal and physical. But there are other decisions they cannot do – evaluations that may need professional authority. One instance is anything that is medical or cosmetology-influenced, dental concerns included. Since the bones and teeth of a teenager are not yet fully developed, they cannot decide to have braces just because of want. The decision on the need for teen braces falls on the parents of the teen and the dentist. 

Then and now, dental braces have only one primary goal – to correct a crooked row of teeth and fix bite issues. But you are probably a bit annoyed when other people comment unfavorably about your braces. While this is a proven effective treatment method, dental contraptions are not a socially accepted practice. A teen may experience being the butt of jokes and laughter, with name-calling a noticeable side effect. Fortunately, medieval-looking teen braces are now but a memory. While metal brackets are still an option, there is a newer, yet equally valid form of brace alignment called Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Whether you smile or not, braces are prominent teeth contraptions. People can often tell if you are under treatment. Traditional braces may also be more uncomfortable due to forced tightening and compression of teeth and jaw. But Invisalign is a different breed of braces altogether. It has been around for more than two decades already, and more dentists recommend using them. There are no pesky wires or brackets, so it aligns your teeth in an almost invisible and more comfortable way. 

The Benefits of Invisalign

If you have traditional braces, you need to wear them all the time for the proper alignment of your teeth. But some food may damage or get stuck in the metal brackets. If the braces are removable, you altogether remove and forget about them from the time you eat to when you get home. By that time, your teeth may have moved, and you just pushed your brace-wearing timeline for a month more. 

But there are no problems when you wear invisible braces. It uses clear tray aligners so that you can remove them during special occasions; while eating, or even while brushing your teeth. Newly-molded aligners will replace these once your teeth have already moved into a better position. 

Also, not all dentists have the certification to do an Invisalign procedure. If you want to know if you can benefit from it, you should go to an Invisalign-certified dentist to be sure you have the right information. 

How long should these be worn?

As people have different dental needs, there is no one timeline for braces, Invisalign or not. So you and your dentist should have planned this on your first meeting. One should wear the braces for approximately twenty to twenty-two hours a day. These will be changed one to two weeks after starting, depending on the digital treatment plan your orthodontist or dentist set up for you. It is best to wear them for as long as possible almost all the time for better and quicker results.

The quest for the perfect set of teeth continues. But it is up to you and your dentist whether traditional braces or Invisalign is the answer in your pursuit of tooth-happiness.


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