Quick Tips to Have the Best Dressed Doors

If you are doing an upgrade on your doors or cabinets and its handles, there are a lot of ideas you can sift through. But the latest trend involves replacing regular handles into something classier, such as leather handles.

Instead of doing a bunch of paint jobs, think of it as giving your doors a new outfit or accessory. It complements the overall design and makes the change more special.

Upgrades are Not Always Easy

Although finding the right hardware is not easy, as you have to consider a bit of measurement here and there. But once everything is done properly, the cohesion of the design will be better.

It is best to know how everything will go together, focus on the little details as well to make an excellent finish.


You have to do a bit of measuring before going to the store or its website to buy supplies. You should have an idea where the handles should be and how it would look like when it is finished. If the door is not drilled or is custom-made, then you may not need to do any measuring at all.

  • Backset

This is how far the edge of the door is to the door handle. If you are looking for a general range, it is from an inch and a half to two and three-quarter inches.

  • Door thickness

You might have a thinner or thicker door, so you would need another tool to get the handles installed.

  • Size

Get the measurement of the hole behind the escutcheon, as the replacement handles must cover it completely.


  • Tubular

These are the most common types of latches. It has a slim device that can easily be installed in the holes that are drilled at the edge of the door or cabinets. A locking function such as a button or a thumb turn can be used to turn the door handle, or you could use a deadbolt.

  • Mortise

A much sturdier type of latch, it comes with a large metal box that can fit into a pocket in the door side. If it includes a lock, it can be controlled by a separate thumb turn. These types are great for older but secure doors.

Door Hardware

When you are trying to choose the hardware to use on your new doors or cabinets, it all comes down to the room’s design, as well as your style.

Levers do have their perks. They are great if you came from the grocery or the mall and you have lots of bags on your hands. Especially if you have a problem handling things, levers are the best way to go. 

If you would like to add a touch of flair to your hardware, go for leather handles or other kinds of coverings that will go well with it.

Last Points to Think About

The handles that you choose to install on your shelves or doors will give a touch of class to the overall feel of the room. Even with the simplest of paints or touch-ups, choosing the right hardware can elevate the look of your doors and cabinets. It can also help with any eventualities or emergencies in terms of accessibility.


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