Essential Tips on Making the Most out of Protein Shake Intakes

It’s great to keep some pea protein powder and enjoy a few glasses of shake each day. Of course, you can choose other types of protein shake as well. What’s important is enjoying the perks these drinks offer, aside from merely meeting your daily protein requirement.

That is how you can make the most out of your protein shake today. You should learn how to properly choose the best brand and variant to buy, and know some notes on how to take it daily. These guidelines and reminders help you optimise the perks of your protein shake intake.

1. Buy from a reliable brand

Many people rave about the great effects of protein shake worldwide. That is why more and more sell it to gain profit. The thing is, you can’t trust most of these manufacturers and sellers. Some sell products that don’t deliver desired results, while others don’t even carry their advertised amount of nutrients.

That is why you should look for brands that many people trust. Go for those which are popular in the vegetarian community, or those which bodybuilders prefer to buy. Also, be sure to only purchase from reliable sources to avoid fake products that carry a famous brand name.

2. Choose one that carries the compounds you need

Each brand of protein shake comes with different variants. And you need to be careful with these to make sure you’re buying one that will bring results you want.

Say, you want to increase weight, look for variants with high-calorie counts. Variants with mid-range calorie counts and equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates are perfect for bodybuilders. And options with the least calorie and sugar levels work well if you want to lose more weight.

3. Drink a protein shake before sleeping

The best time to drink a protein shake is before sleeping. It helps your body absorb more protein, which leads to tons of terrific perks, such as muscle growth.

Such a habit helps athletes by boosting their speed, strength, and stamina. It is great for weight loss as well, especially that you’d feel fuller for many hours after drinking a protein shake. Moreover, you don’t need to eat snacks or midnight meals.

4. Grab more fibre sources

Eating solid food is more satisfying than merely drinking a shake. This is regardless of the flavour you have in a glass. That is why you must consider pairing your favourite protein shake with some fibre-rich food.

You won’t go short with fibre from different veggies, fruits, and beans. Consuming them together with your drink helps in making you feel more satisfied afterwards. It also helps in delaying your digestion.

5. Drink one glass in one serving

Lastly, always remember to stick with one serving of protein shake each time you drink. Most brands bring around 20 to 30gm of protein per serving, which is enough for you to reap big perks without wasting protein powder.

Consuming more shake doesn’t equate to bringing more protein into your system. It merely pushes your body to break down more amino acids.

So, buy some pea protein powder or other variants you want, then keep these points in mind to optimise the perks of protein shake in your body! Of course, be sure to modify these guidelines to make them suit you well. Feel free to consult your doctor for more info.


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