How to restart Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans by Supercell is one of the most in-demand games available these days. Also, this game has preserved this success for years. Mostly all the Clash players concentrate on creating their latest builder base as secure and dependable as possible. Therefore, a situation might arise when you need to erase your slate and start over again. But sadly, Supercell has not made this task easy at all.How to restart Clash of Clans

Restarting clash of clans

Let us look at an easy guide as to how you restart the clash of clans accounts effortlessly.

  • Recognize your mobile device

Being a cross-platform game, Clash of Clans runs differently according to the different kinds of mobile software. Further, the question arises whether the user is using iOS or Android? Make sure you are conscious of this fact and then have a look at the guide at how to start a new clash of clans or how to restart the clash of clans on the device the user is using.

The clash of clans starts over. 

  • On Android device

Restarting your Clash of Clans on an Android device is easy. You need to follow these simple steps:

How to restart Clash of Clans
How to restart Clash of Clans
  1. Remove your present Clash of Clans application. Now, the question is how to delete a clash of clans account. Carry out this process by long-pressing the icon, then further pick the delete option, and confirm your choice. Once you are done with this, the application gets deleted from your device.
  2. Now the next step you need to do is reinstall the application from the app store. The question which must arise in your mind is to delete the account, but this step is significant if you want to start with a new game.
  3. Further, let us know how to sign out of the clash of clans? Simply, touch the setting icon in Clash of Clans and log out easily.
  4. Now, open the recently downloaded new Clash of Clans application. This turns out to be the primary step to restart your game. After that, when asked if you want to continue with your previous village, choose the cancel option. If you do not go around with this step, you will move back to your last village, and then you will have to redo the complete process again.

This is all you need to follow for restarting Clash of Clans on Android devices.

  • How to restart clash of clans on iPhone

Restarting the clash of clans ios is a little complicated process. Therefore, it is very important that you read all the instructions given below attentively and go along with each step carefully.

Resetting the game from an Apple device means you will have to perform a thorough factory reset. A factory reset deletes all the data retained on your phone, which means that you ought to take a backup, else you will be deprived of all your current files and information.

So if you have not yet taken a back up, take a back up of your data and return to the article.

How to restart Clash of Clans
How to restart Clash of Clans

If you are fully backed up with your data and information, follow the instructions given below to restart your clash of clans.

  1. Proceed to the settings options, and select the General section.
  2. Here you will find an option saying “factory reset.” You need to select it, and your phone will then go back to the default settings: the actual parameters that your phone came with.
  3. Take your time and format your phone, as you did earlier.
  4. Now, create a new free clash of clans game center account. It is really important that you do not make use of the old Game center account, as all the information related to your old village is saved. That’s the reason you need to generate a new game center account.
  5. After completing this process, redownload Class of Clans from the iOS Store, but the question arises on how to make a new clash of clans account. The answer is when you redownload the game, you can easily create a new clash of clans account.
  6. Now Clash of Clans will enquire whether you want to restore your old village, you must further press “Cancel” for restarting the game.
  7. Congrats, your Clash of Clans game is now new and up to date. Start over with your game now with new adventures and knowledge and squash other players to get to the top.

How to delete clash of clans accounts from the game center?

Follow these simple steps to permanently delete your clash of clans accounts from the game center.

  • Go to settings, further proceed to Google accounts, and disable it from there.
  • Wait at the screen for about 20-30 seconds.
  • Say goodbye to your account now, as your clash of clans account is permanently deleted from the game center.

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