5 Phone Emojis You Can Use To Speak Sarcasm Fluently In Digital Communication

As we become more connected than ever, digital communication has become one of the major things that we transition to. Now that we have social media, it’s very easy to communicate what you want the world to know,  as well as read and know about people’s opinions around the world.

In this sea of information and complicated communication channels that we sometimes forget the value of nonverbal cues in dialogue. Since digital communication takes place without verbal cues – unless, they’re videos – people can misinterpret what you want to say most of the time. Especially, when you’re going about a certain topic that you are passionate about.

Sarcasm, in particular, seems to be lost in translation in many online communication platforms. Whether it’s text, comments, chats, DMs, even in voice messages sent on group chats, conveying sarcasm requires you to be more creative than usual. Fret not, because emojis are here to save the day – here are some of the best emojis you can use to convey sarcasm online.

1. B emoji

The B emoji may not be the most obvious choice when it comes to making known that you are not saying what people think you’re saying, but nonetheless it’s an effective choice to make them feel confused certainly. When people are confused, they’re automatically intrigued in figuring out what exactly you mean. Thus, the research commences.

The B emoji originally means the letter B as a blood type, but since being introduced to the emoji roster, its meaning has taken it into anything that starts with letter B. For example, in most cases, it’s used to say that someone’s a bitch, and in certain circles, it could mean bottom – which, is a person’s sexual position preference.

2. Eyeroll emoji

One of the most popular emojis to convey sarcasm, the eye-roll emoji is godsent for people that want to take other people down a peg or two. Because the eye-roll emoji is so popular, using it to tell the other person that you are feeling in contempt may not be as effective as it was before. To reclaim it, you can use it without words or text, and simply as is so that people immediately can tell that you are not feeling them.

3. Winking-face emoji

Another favorite among the sarcastic crowd, the winking-face emoji is particularly great because it undermines people’s opinions without them feeling like you’re mean to them. It evokes the feeling of being one-upped, but not in a derisive way. Coupled with the effective text though, it can be deadly.

One of the most effective ways to use the winking-face emoji to convey sarcasm is to attach it with a cheeky phrase. Saying “Can’t wait” plus the winking-face emoji to emails and DMs that gets you to be hyped about something is a favorite application of the emoji for some people. With the winking-face emoji, you’ll get people to wonder if you’re excited or eye-rolling behind your desk.

4. Hooded-eyes clapping emoji

The hooded-eyes clapping emoji is a fairly sarcastic emoji. People can’t miss it. It’s sarcastic, straightforward, and downright obvious. It’s particularly effective to comment when you notice people on your feed saying, sharing, or commenting the most ridiculous of things. Typing one of these below their posts will certainly send the message of: “Get your act together!”

5. Face upside down emoji

Oh, the irony. Sarcasm, in its natural state, is the act of mocking and conveying contempt. With the face upside down emoji, you are literally mocking the other person by telling them, “Oh, you’re so wacky”. It’s the standard emoji of sarcasm for many people, and while it is effective – we think that you can do so much better. Add other emojis to the mix and you should be good to go.


Suffice it to say, building a rapport with the person that you are communicating with digitally is one of the cornerstones of effective messaging. But when you are commenting on a news report or a video you find eye-roll inducing, it pays to take notice of how you can make your written comment be as understood as you originally intended it to be. With the emojis listed above, you can do that and so much more.





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