Online Slots Facts You Need to Know

The online casino industry is fast growing. It is expected to be valued at US 80 billion dollars by the end of 2020.

Probably the most popular and fun casino game in this industry has to be slots – with all its variants! Casino enthusiasts love playing slots online as well as offline. The rules are natural, it does not require skill, and it is one of the fastest moving games in a casino.

The life for slots keeps growing because it lets you win big even with minimal investments. Before playing slots, however, a player needs to know a few things. Let’s discuss them here. 

Time on a device

Most casinos prefer players sitting on one device for a stipulated amount of time. It is done to ensure that a casino can win most out of the player. It is a strategy to increase profits and get the most out of one slot machine. It is usually called the magnetic effect. It is a good idea to be aware of it because some casinos might not inform you about it beforehand.


When you are playing slots online, there would be a hoard of options to choose from. Each game has a few symbols; however, that appears in different shapes and sizes. Mostly, these symbols are unique to the game. 

As a player looking to maximize your output out of the money invested in the game, it is a good idea to understand those symbols well. Try free games, bonus rounds so that you know what combinations to play for maximum profit.

Huge wins

A progressive jackpot promises huge wins until the prize is paid out. A progressive jackpot is where the jackpot increases with the number of people buying the ticket. Even the probability of winning these progressive jackpots is much less than winning a non-progressive one. But, the amount won is usually so large that it changes the life of the one person who wins it. Hence the popularity.

Getting hooked is easy

Research suggests that getting hooked onto a slot machine is more comfortable than any other casino game. In fact, according to the study, it is three or four times easier to get hooked for any casino player. It is not hard to miss the appeal. Those are easy games to play, with stunning effects, huge payouts, and trendy graphics.

Online slots generate more money

An average slot machine makes up for 80 – 90% of the casino revenues. It is because not only are slot machines easy to play and addictive, they are usually any gambler’s first choice. There are a lot of offers and bonuses also given at slots. They are also the very first ploy in an online casino’s method of enticing customers to their websites.

Times are long gone when slot machines were considered mere distractions. These days, it is the very first strategy of marketing for online casinos.


Online slot machines have made things easier. You do not have to go to a casino to play a game like that. Not only are slot games fun and entertaining, but they also have the most straightforward rules. A cherry on top is the sky-rocketing jackpots and prizes.

Once you have decided to play slots online, it is essential to have a basic understanding of how things work – the symbols, rules, payouts, etc. Once you are thorough with these, it is time to let loose and enjoy the game of slots! 


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