Online shopping in the era of Covid-19, discounts and offers!

The world is witnessing in these days an abnormal situation as a result of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, where various Arab countries are witnessing quarantine or domestic fears of an outbreak of this disease, especially in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Emirates. Nobody is going out to do shopping as they once used to do; everyone now is at home looking for online stores to shop safely. We will provide you with the best stores that offer shopping online services in the countries mentioned above with special discounts offered by Al Mowafir promo codes website. store:

The store devotes a section on all home supplies with special discount coupons to encourage people in these difficult days to do shopping from home without the need to go to the market, especially with the closure of most major malls in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt.

Therefore, all you have to do is enter the Noon store and choose from all the categories, whether:

Food materials such as flour, rice, etc.

Home cleaning supplies

Electronic and home appliances.

Sterilization tools, hand wash and medical masks.

You can also get discount vouchers provided by Al Mowafir website to save a lot of money.

We also note that Noon store carried out strict procedures to ensure the arrival of supplies, especially food items, on the same day of the order, in addition to sterilizing them well.

This store goes without any definition and is the largest online store in the Middle East and is currently affiliated with Amazon International and offers more than 20 million products.

In these difficult times, with the spread of corona virus , you never have to move to the market. It is sufficient for you to choose what you need from home, and all your requests will be delivered on the same day.

Souq currently offers the “supermarket is on your doors” offer in line with the exceptional situation that Arab countries suffer from, you can also take advantage of the market discount codes, which may reach 50 percent reduction in the value of purchases.

The most important categories available in the market are:

Food supplies of all kinds

Desktop gadgets

Kitchen tools

It also provides all protection tools such as sterilizers and protective masks.

 Souq website also devoted a page to the new Corona Virus, explaining ways of delivering goods and protecting employees and customers. All orders are sterilized before sending them to you, and these special procedures come within the framework of efforts to contain infection.

Al Mowafir coupons for more discounts and voucher codes

Online shopping in the era of Covid-19, discounts and offers!
Online shopping in the era of Covid-19, discounts and offers!

In these difficult circumstances, Al Mowafir website also offers discounts and voucher codes for Noon and Souq stores.

All you have to do is:

– Go to google and type “Al Mowafir” or Or download the application android, iPhone

– The website will be the first result, click on it

– Find Noon Store and Souq Store

-You will find many different coupons, choose what suits you best and insert it in the appropriate place in the store before you do the payment.

You can also repeat the process in whenever you do shopping.

Al Mowafir also provides an application for smartphones, whether Android phones or iPhone phones, so that you do not need to enter the website every time you want to acquire something. The website also provides many other stores such as: Center Point, iHerb, Ali Express, Amazon … etc.

Finally, we advise you to stay home until this pandemic passes and rely on online shopping stores to avoid direct contact with other people.


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