Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS

Have you felt the need to talk to an absolute stranger? Maybe for a piece of advice or just to become friends? Though the idea might sound a bit odd, it’s possible to meet a few nice people this way. 

There are times when we feel low. In times like these, we feel the need to be around a few people. However, people who know us may not be able to give us some fresh perspective. Under such circumstances, strangers can be quite useful. 

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 Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS
Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS

But how do you meet such people? Thanks to the current age of technology, there are a few android and iOS apps that make it easy to connect to strangers. Not only can you text these people, but you can also see them via your phone! 

So if you are looking for such an app, this is the perfect piece for you to read. 

ChatRoulette app ios:


This is one app that you can use to talk to your acquaintances or complete strangers. Once you get to know a person or you start enjoying your conversations with them you can add them to your friend list. Language is not a problem with this app. The inbuilt prompt translation system makes every conversation meaningful and smooth. Additionally, use the various emoticons curated for this app. 


Through this app, you can meet a lot of new people. If you start to enjoy the conversations you can add them to your list and have a blast. This app offers an interesting three-minute talk feature. Basically, use the first three minutes to talk to another person using the app. If the conversation is interesting you can continue the dialogue further. If not, then just remove it and move on to the next person.

ChatRoulette app ios
ChatRoulette app ios


Many a time while talking to strangers online we all wanted to keep the details hidden, especially our name and profession. This app allows users to do that! Amazing right? Cam makes it possible to connect with anyone living anywhere. You are just a click away from connecting with the people that you want to. Distance is no more a barrier!

Strangers Chat Roulette:

This is yet another app that makes it super easy to connect with strangers and people from all over the globe. This is a super cool app that provides users with all sorts of control. You can set the distance or miss the option completely. This app makes it possible to connect with people from diverse geographical locations and cultures.

These apps are available for iOS users. So for those asking for Chatroulette for iPhone 6, or is there a Chatroulette for iPhone? These are the apps for you to try out bud! Do not miss a chance and grab one of these! 

What is the best anonymous chat app?

Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS
Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS

Indeed it gets very boring to talk to the same people over and over again. Gone are the school days and college fun. As we grew up, we passed the phase where it was possible to meet new people each day. But just because we have grown up doesn’t mean that all fun things must come to an end right? So presenting the best anonymous chat apps that you can use:

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chat live:

Earlier, this app was called Omegle and had gained quite a bit of popularity. Previously, this was only an anonymous chat app. However, now it has become an anonymous video app! That’s super cool! Now it’s possible to use this app to talk to absolute strangers. However, it’s possible for the users to take screenshots while talking to you. So it’s advisable not to do anything stupid that you might regret later on.

This particular app is heavily inspired by Snapchat and Instagram. Once a user logs into this app, it shows a bunch of profiles nearby that you can connect with. At the very top of the app are stories from the various users. So the interface is very much like Instagram and is super easy to use. Though one does not need to create an account to send or receive a message, an account will be required to post the stories. The app offers a very cute “shuffle” option that can be used to connect to people who are online and are using the app at the same time as you. 


Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS
Chatroulette Apps For Android & IOS

This is a very popular anonymous chat app that has gained quite a huge fan base. If you are someone looking to have a mature or meaningful conversation with strangers, this app is for you. This is a no-nonsense app and the users here do not generally talk about sex or any adult content. Many people who have used this app claim that this app has changed their life in some way or the other with its positive impact. 


This app is solely for Android users and helps people yo connect to strangers in a truly anonymous way. There is no need to create an account with this app or disclose the email id. All you need to do is download the app from the play store, install it and start using it. Another feature of this app is that it deletes all the messages sent from this app to the various users. This feature is similar to that found in Snapchat. 


This is an anonymous chat app created only for iOS users. This app makes it possible to send text messages to strangers. Additionally, there are quite a few interesting options like asking questions and sharing secrets. The app advises against sharing any form of personal information since it kills the privacy factor of the app. Finally, the company claims that no bots are used in the app which is quite common for the other apps on this genre. 

What Chatroulette means

What Chatroulette means
What Chatroulette means

Chatroulette is an online chat website that enables users of the website to have an online conversation with the users. While using this website, it’s possible to cut any communication midway if the user does not like a particular conversation. As per many sources, this website is quite addictive and can be used by those who want to meet new people. In February 2010 when this website was created it became popular instantly. More than 35,000 people had joined the site and started using it regularly. By March 2010, the site has more than 1.5 million users. 

Is Chatroulette anonymous?

Chatroulette gave the chance to people to talk to strangers online. One biggest benefit of this website was that all conversation assured anonymity. However, this is not exactly true. A new site called the ChatrouletteMap does not guarantee complete anonymity to its users. This new site allows users to take screenshots and also shows the location of a few users through Google Maps.

Additionally, it’s also possible to find the IP address of the users, thanks to the development of technology. So if you are asking is Chatroulette still popular? The answer might disappoint you. With the development of new anonymous chatting apps for both Android and iOs, Chatroulette has lost its pedestal. 

Why do people use Chatroulette?

Though other apps have come up in the market, a few people still continue to use Chatroulette, and there are many reasons for it:

Chatroulette Apps For Android & IO
Chatroulette Apps For Android & IO

No Strings Attached:

While it’s not possible to share a lot of pictures on social media, it’s possible to share those in apps like Chatroulette where there is a no-strings-attached quotient. Anyone can write anything they want and hide their identity, all with the easy use of the app.

Talk to anyone you wish to:

Imagine a large social gathering. Chatroulette is just like that. The only difference is that you don’t need to excuse yourself if you don’t like talking to a person. You can immediately shift to talking to someone else if your partner is boring. 

Meet new interesting people:

Your colleagues may not be that interesting, your friends may be busy. But that does not mean you can’t have a fun conversation with someone! You can do that out here in Chatroulette! Meet new people every day and have a fun conversation with no strings attached. There is no way that your identity can be revealed. 

Chatroulette Apps For Android & IO
Chatroulette Apps For Android & IO

The apps listed above are absolutely safe to use. It’s extremely easy to connect with anyone using these apps. Additionally, the identity of the user is not revealed. In a fast-moving world, it’s often required to meet a few people outside our domain and friend circle. Not many times it’s possible to do so. But thanks to such apps our wishes can be fulfilled. So download these apps and talk to anyone, anything, anywhere!


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