Full Guide On Satisfactory Save Game Location

The network provides users with endless possibilities, but it is not a technology-free of malicious entities, it is more, there are many. Even the most innovative and in principle, reliable systems can be violated.

The satisfactory, save file download and data is no exception, in fact, it is one of the aspects that most worry users once they get in front of a device. Although trust in the digital sphere is increasing by users, according to the Outstanding Indicators of the Information Society of the National Observatory of Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI), only 52.1% of users have a lot or a lot of confidence on the Internet.

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satisfactory save game location
Is It Safe Save Game To Satisfactory Location

If there is something that has taken a step forward in what refers to the way of storing data and files, it is the so-called “cloud”. That place where you can save all kinds of files and can be accessed from any device just by having access to the Internet. It is what in English is called ” cloud computing”. It makes a satisfactory install location easy.

But, is this a way of putting at risk the security of our documents, photos, files, music, videos? What advantages and disadvantages does the cloud have? Convenience and savings come together in this form of storage since it is possible to access from any device and it is possible to save space on the computer itself where the files used to be stored.

A Useful Tool, Although With Drawbacks

The security of the data stored in it is one of the main concerns of users. As for what is better if the information stored in the cloud or on a specific device, it is not possible to give a concise answer since it will be based on the user’s own needs.

In the cloud, we are the ones who deposit the documents and we must trust that the person in charge of the service in question has the appropriate mechanisms to generate security. What are the drawbacks of the cloud?

satisfactory save game location
Is It Safe Save Game To Satisfactory Location

If you close the platform, everything is lost. If the company in charge of the cloud ceases its activity, the user loses all the information that it contains. In this sense, any failure that occurs in the operation of the cloud will have repercussions since it will not be possible to access the files normally or even their security may be affected.

Privacy issues. There are those who maliciously dedicate themselves to violating the security and privacy of the cloud. Hackers can gain access to all the information in the cloud and do whatever they want with it. Cloud security depends on the platform itself and we cannot do anything.

Limited space. The cloud is a useful system, but storage space is limited, so if you want a satisfactory cloud save location you have to pay for it.

The control of cloud security is not under our domain, but we can take a series of precautions, such as not uploading sensitive or very personal information such as account numbers, DNI … It is also possible to store any information in the cloud of encrypted so that security is greatly increased by not being able to access files. Finally, to know how the cloud works, it is very important to carefully read what the terms and conditions of the platform are, so we will know how they manage and what they do with all files that are uploaded to the cloud.

Tips To Save Space On Cloud Storage Platforms

There are many options that we have, but without a doubt Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are three of the most popular. They have millions of users worldwide and allow us to use these services from any device.  So it becomes easy to satisfactory save the game editor. An interesting way to always have our files available no matter where we are.

satisfactory save game location
Is It Safe Save Game To Satisfactory Location

Now, a common problem is usually space. In the free versions, the capacity is usually quite limited. Perhaps for many users, it is more than enough, but for others, it is not and they require extra options to be able to store all the files.

Delete Duplicate Files

Surely we have duplicate files on our computer. Folders that we have saved in various places by mistake, forgetfulness or simply because at one point we were interested. The same can happen on cloud storage platforms. 

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This can lead to unnecessary space consumption. Only with this is more than likely that we can free up a lot of space, especially if we have been using that platform for a long time.

For this, we can check all the folders and files that we have in these services and see if they are duplicates. If so, it would be interesting to delete them.

Beware Of Old And Heavy Files

It can also happen that we keep files that take up a lot of sizes and that we really don’t need anymore. At some point, we may upload a folder full of photos or video or audio files to share with a friend or family member. We may no longer need to be in the cloud and it is a space that we can save.

satisfactory save game location
Is It Safe Save Game To Satisfactory Location

It is advisable to see from time to time what files we have hosted on this type of platform and delete those that are currently useless.


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