How Cryptocurrency Works: A Complete Guide By Hedgespots

Today we have a special article from Hedgespots – a cryptocurrency trading platform that gains popularity due to its high safety and security. We had a conversation with crypto experts from this platform and before we start there are just a few words about Hedgespots itself.

Hedgespots cryptocurrency trading platform allows users to make the purchase and sale, storage, and exchange of cryptocurrencies. The principle of the platform is similar to currency, commodity, and stock exchanges. On the platform, prices are determined by the market, based on supply/demand principle for each token. It is essential to choose the most reliable platform to make your trading safe. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the Hedgespots trading platform.

How Cryptocurrency Works: A Complete Guide By Hedgespots
How Cryptocurrency Works: A Complete Guide By Hedgespots

Hedgespots is a stable platform with vast experience and a reliable reputation, which is not so easy to obtain in such a market. The priority of the exchange is convenience and customer focus. The support is aimed at quick help and clarification of all issues that arise. The simplicity of the interface on the site is a huge plus for beginners who want to buy cryptocurrency or join the trading. The exchange comfortably provides work with fiat funds. This is important since not all modern top exchanges do this.

What is cryptocurrency: How digital currency works and what are the advantages of using it?

In summer 2019, there were about 1,800 cryptocurrencies in the world, while Bitcoin and Ethereum remained the most popular. Nevertheless, new promising tokens continue to appear on the market. How cryptocurrency works, and how is it used today? Experts from a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform Hedgespots gave us the answer.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are digital money, fiat-like money that does not exist. The crypt differs from other electronic currencies in that it is protected and encrypted with the help of special cryptographic algorithms. A key feature of cryptocurrencies is its decentralized nature, its independence from a single control center.

No bank, no state entity, or private entity can manage cryptocurrencies.

What Is A Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto trading is one of the main ways of earning on cryptocurrencies. Trading tokens of cryptocurrencies is insignificantly different from trading in precious metals, currencies, and stocks. The main difference between cryptocurrency trading and the stock market is high volatility. When you know the principles of trading cryptocurrencies, you can quickly master the exchange and get stable profits. The best way to start trading is to sign up on the platform. What are the subtleties of trading? What are the new things to consider? What strategies and tips to follow for earnings?

The main participant of the process is the trader. He uses personal funds to buy/sell virtual coins, pending further price changes and a profitable deal. The goal is to guess the direction of the market and earn on the difference in rates. Working on the cryptocurrency exchange requires a participant to basic knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, situation control, the ability to react quickly to changes in trading. Without skills and experience, the risk of losing the deposit is extremely high.

The first step is to determine the trader’s earnings on the stock exchange. There are three ways:

Short-term trading (scalping). The bottom line is trading cryptocurrencies within a single day. The order is not postponed for the next day but closes during the session. Most often scalpers work at minimum time intervals – up to 30-60 minutes (sometimes 1-2 minutes). They place dozens of orders, which allows you to count on a great profit.

Mid-term bidding. In such circumstances, the order is left for several days (up to 1-2 weeks). This is the most difficult type of earnings because it is important to accurately forecast changes in the price in a short time interval.

Long-term investments. Most market participants put money into cryptocurrencies for an extended period, for example, for six months or even longer.

Trading cryptocurrencies will require a wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is better to start a multi-currency wallet, which allows you to store the main virtual coins. Exchanges allow cryptocurrencies to remain on their domestic account, but “abuse” this possibility should not be allowed. The exchange wallet must lie exactly as much as it is necessary for trading. The rest of the products are better placed on the main wallet, which provides greater protection. In particular, the private key must be at the disposal of the owner of the wallet.


To start trading on Hedgespots, you need to go through the standard registration process, which takes you no more than two minutes. Registration is effortless and does not require any personal data. It is enough to specify the username, real email address, and password. After you confirm the email, you can immediately start trading. Your account will not have any restrictions on depositing the cryptocurrency. And we strongly recommend enabling 2FA verification! Have a nice trading session and good luck!


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