Apple Airpods Review – Is It Best True Wireless Earbuds?

It’s perfectly normal to think that Apple doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to technology.

However, they do. When first launched, their Airpods looked flimsy and didn’t sound good. Most people called them out for making a low-quality product.

Apple took bad seriously and successfully redeemed themselves in the eyes of their customers with their upgraded Apple Airpods. They have a sleek design and work perfectly.

That is why most users say that their second-generation AirPods bring great value for money, unlike the previous model. But most people still wonder if the new model is worth buying.

Today, I will review the Apple Airpods in detail and determine if they’re truly the best wireless earbuds on the market. Without any further ado, let’s dive into my Apple Airpods review.

Are the Apple Airpods Worth It?

New features like faster pairing and wireless charging make the upgraded version of Airpods significantly better than their predecessors.

I would recommend these earbuds although customer reviews circling online say that they’re not worth buying. They sound better than the wired earbuds.

Also, they’re convenient, comfortable and will never fall out of your ear. Unlike most earbuds out there, they don’t feel loose. They’re perfect for sporty people.

Do Airpods Fall Off Easily?

Like the usual earbuds, the AirPods will feel a bit flimsy. However, they will never fall out of your ear.

They don’t have a wire pulling on the earbuds, so you can enjoy complete freedom. Runners adore these AirPods because they’re reliable, comfortable and convenient.

Is Airpods Noise Canceling?

Yes, the Airpods are noise canceling. When wearing the AirPods, push and hold the force sensor on both AirPods to change between transparency mode and active noise cancellation.

However, this doesn’t tell us much about the sound and features of this Apple product. Let’s dive deeper and discuss the features and sound quality in order to determine if it is worth it.

  • Sound

If you used the previous version of this product, you will notice that the new one is a lot louder. This can not sound like a big improvement but it confirms that the sound is better.

Additional loudness is always welcome because the Airpods cancel little in the manner of outside noise. This means that you will need to play your music louder to cancel the noise.

Apple has always focused on fairly neutral sonic balance across all of its units including their AirPods. No artificial enhancement of treble or boosting of bass is present in the AirPods.

When using the new AirPods, you feel as if you’re listening to music without manipulation. This is highly appreciative. The new model is more sophisticated and subtle than its predecessor.

Low-level dynamic changes are more delicate and granular while bigger changes between loud and quiet are more dramatic and pronounced. The presentation is changed as well.

They’re more spacious and open than the previous AirPods. Each of the improvements mentioned may sound subtle. However, you will notice them in an isolated place.

They produce a noticeably more engaging and exciting performance. The previous sound is a bit lifeless and dull by comparison.

However, just like other earbuds on the market, these aren’t ideal either. In fact, they’re far from being perfect. 

While cleaner than the preceding model, you can still hear harshness at high volumes. They also struggle to provide a sense of the most built-up parts of some songs.

The old version is far from being the greatest in terms of sound quality.

However, the new model is far better. However, you can still find similarly priced earbuds that offer an even better sound.

  • Features

Putting the sound quality aside, no rival can outmatch the AirPods from a technical perspective.

In my experience, the connection is perfect, without dropout, either between the two buds and phone and headphones. Initial shifting connections and pairing is effortless.

Also, the case charges super fast and the battery life is impressive.

You can listen for 5 hours + 19 hours through the charging case. However, what I like most about them is their compact design.

Under the case, there is a brand new chip. The H1 replaced the W1 of the first AirPods and provides fast paring and shifting between apple units.

It also offers lower latency which is perfect for gaming and improved battery management for extra talk time and completely hands-free voice control.

The only issue is that you will probably not notice all these changes and improvements as they weren’t disadvantages of the old model.

With the release of iOS13, the AirPods also provide a new feature which is audio sharing. It allows you a second pair of earbuds to connect and listen to one phone.

All you and your friend need to do is tap both your phones together and listen to whatever you want. No matter if you’re listening to Spotify, Youtube or Apple Music, you will enjoy it.

Also, with the release of iOS1 came the option to reply to messages. As soon as Siri reads your message, you will be able to respond right away using your voice. What I appreciate the most about this new model is the wireless charging case.

You can purchase the new model with a bundle and get it or buy it separately. This feature is useful for people who used the old version and wanted to boost their charging experience.

The case operates with all Qi-compatible charging mats and features the battery-level indicating LED on the front for simpler reference.

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Final Verdict

If you want to listen to podcasts or music, the new version of AirPods is perfect for you. The connection never disappoints and you will get longer battery life.Also, you can charge your earbuds wirelessly with any Qi charger. However, don’t expect the ideal sound experience and expect to lose at least one of your earbuds.

Other than that, there is nothing wrong with this product. Hopefully, my apple AirPods review answered all your questions and can help you make the right decision.


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