Top 6 Apps for the Health Junkies

Staying in shape is something that is at a certain level to everyone’s minds. Better nutrition will result in lower medical bills, feel much better, and doing more. Fortunately, there are a lot of smartphones and tablets software that can help you live healthier, sleep better, and work out more regularly.

Almost all of the useful ones are either apps for exercise, calorie counters, apps for activity tracking, or some mixture of all three. Let us take a closer look at Android’s best health features! With this, we have put a bit of focus on eating healthy.

In today’s world, health has never been more important. Health is made up of a lot of factors, including mental health. To learn more about mental health issues, such as depression, click here.

Somewhere below and throughout the article, we have more lists of wellness-related apps linked up.


This app has been one of the most well-known fitness apps out there. It does an outstanding job of keeping track of your diet. It has a broad foodstuff registry. This way, you can save a record of all you eat. Calorie counting is its feature of most important use. In fact, this app has the potential to interact with a lot of many other health and fitness applications.

Also, there is a range of tasks, a forum to communicate with each other, and your performance statistics. The free version does easy stuff for calorie counting. The premium features, you need to subscribe to.


Runtastic by ADIDAS is one of the best-known fitness applications. It’s regularly at the center of new material like Android Wear devices. In addition, it contains statistics, diagrams, monitoring exercises, and more. It also has a footwear monitor, so you recognize when to get new ones to keep track of your shoe age.

Compared to many of its competitors, the subscription is also relatively cheap. A few extra features provide help for many other applications such as MyFitnessPal and Google Play.

For a good running app, it checks all the boxes. Unlike with casual watches like the Omega Speedmaster watches, it’s compatible with the latest smartwatches, and even the more affordable watches in the market as well. The programmers have a walk-tracker app and a standard running app if you don’t want to focus on running alone.

Doctor’s App Or Website

Many careers take much longer than others to adapt to new changes. Most physicians do have an app or website these days, though. You can also use their app or website to examine your blood test stats, findings and often even send a message directly to your doctor, even though we only suggest this method of communication for multi-essential inquiries.

Accessing your health records this way is faster, and keeping up about what your doctor is doing than calling in now and requesting. For this, there are quite a lot of applications, and you should talk with your doctor about the one they use in their work. A website depends on the worst-case scenario, but it’s always better than none.


If you’re starting to get tired of your dull training sessions, and just about to give up, don’t! Download Workouts, which can be easily searched in the app store. As a free application, there are several fitness videos on your wallet-sized screen that you can browse and follow.

It’s basically an on-screen fitness trainer, and you only have to go through the workout of your choosing. You will find videos that concentrate on just abs, from short to longer videos, to many who will give you a good boost of complete body exercises.


You’ll be spoiled for choice on their website. iHerb offers a wide variety of foods, from vitamins and supplements to dried foodstuffs, providing a wide range of high-quality natural goods from around the globe.

You’re never going to have to recheck the store high and low, searching through all those nutrition labels to sort out what’s actually healthy. They got your back on any nutritional supplements, balanced groceries.

All you need will be shipped to your doorway, but you will need to remain aware of the shipping costs that may occur. With so many purchase orders, Fret not, we are sure that you will max out your shopping basket and have the right to free delivery.

Yoga Daily Fitness App

This Yoga app is a simple and good meditation app. It showcases a range of postures and core work that can boost flexibility, range of motion, and other health benefits of all various types. This particular app has a few good daily routines. All of those passionate about yoga, however, will probably move into other, different apps.

We recommend this one only first since its price point is incredibly bearable (free, at the time of posting) and seems to be superb for novices. Down Dog and Pocket Yoga are much better applications but are catered to hardcore yoga enthusiasts.


These are our top six recommended health apps for all of your health junkies out there. Mind you, there are still a lot of useful apps out there that are yet to be discovered and tried out. So be on the lookout for them and try out other different apps and choose the one that best suits you.




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