Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

One of the most common failures in Apple devices, such as the iPhone, is Internet problems. If you are one of the people affected by these failures, do not worry. With these tips, you will improve the Wi-Fi network of your iPhone quickly and easily.

Few top simple tricks to solve Internet problems with iPhone with Wi-Fi

 Check the coverage of the area

If your iPhone not connecting to internet, the first thing you should do is check that the problem is not the iPhone, but where you are. Many times it is no coverage or the internet connection is very bad in the place where we are and the mobile has nothing to do.

How iPhone wi-fi hotspot work without cellular data

Iphone Not Connecting To Internet  - How To Solve It
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

Do you want iPhone wifi hotspot without cellular data then Deactivate and reactivate the mobile data in:  «Settings»> «Mobile data» (here you will deactivate the data and then activate it again).

If you are also abroad, make sure you have your iPhone set up for data roaming. It is very common to be traveling abroad and the Internet does not work because it does not have data roaming enabled. To activate it:

Go to “Settings”> “Mobile data”> “Options”> “Data roaming ” and activate it.

 Restart the iPhone

Once you have verified that it is not a coverage problem, another trick to reconnect to the Internet is to turn off and turn on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, that is, restart the device. How do you turn off an iPhone? Depending on the model:

To turn off your iPhone X, XS or XS Max, you must press and hold both the right-side button and any of the volume buttons (up or down) simultaneously until the “Slide to turn off ” slider appears and slide your finger.

iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or earlier

Iphone Not Connecting To Internet  - How To Solve It
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

To turn off your iPhone 8, 8 Plus or earlier iPhone model, simply press and hold the On / Off (or Lock) button until the “Slide to turn off ” slider appears on the screen. You slide your finger and the phone will turn off.

To turn it on, you will press the same button again until the Apple logo appears.

This process means that, when loading the operating system from scratch, any error that could remain in the iPhone’s memory is eliminated.

 What if phone hotspot not working

Are you still without the Internet? The problem may be with a particular network. To check it, disconnect from the WiFi network you are using. To do this you just have to go to:

«Settings»> «WiFi»> «Forget Network» (you select the network with which you are having connection problems). Then you re-enter the WiFi key to reconnect.

If the problem persists, try connecting to another WiFi network. If in this case the problem is solved, the fault is in the network and not on your iPhone.


Have you checked that you have the latest software update?

Iphone Not Connecting To Internet  - How To Solve It
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

The updates are for troubleshooting and improving the phone. To check if you have the latest iOS update downloaded:

Go to « Settings»> «General»> «Software update». In case you don’t have the latest update, click on “Download and install ” that you will find by scrolling down.

If you want to see the versions of your device’s operator settings, select:

Settings> Mobile data> Mobile data network> Configure according to the parameters your operator tells you

Do you plan to change your SIM card? Remember that you will have to update the operator settings of the new SIM card.

What if iPhone wifi connected but no internet?

If when you reconnect you still have Internet problems with iPhone, another solution is to reset your own network settings. This step removes the cache and all the custom settings you had recorded on the network. To do it:

Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”>  “Reset network settings”

This configuration also resets the Wi-Fi networks and passwords you have saved, the mobile data settings and the VPN and APN settings that you have used to connect to the Internet. Read- Best mouth talking apps

What to do if iPhone personal hotspot not showing up?

Iphone Not Connecting To Internet  - How To Solve It
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

Disable the “secondary services” of the Wi-Fi.  If your iPhone personal hotspot not showing up., with this simple step you do not disable WiFi, but you eliminate connection problems related to the location and the network. To disable it you just have to go to:

«Settings»> «Privacy»> «Location»> «System Services»> disable «Wi-Fi Network Connection»

Why is my personal hotspot not working?

In this case, reset your iPhone to factory data. If you still ask still why is my personal hotspot not working?  Just Go for Resetting. Before resetting to factory mode we recommend that you make a backup of your data and have the functionality “Search my iPhone” disabled.

Steps to reset the iPhone from a computer with iTunes

Connect your iPhone to the computer and sync with iTunes. A message will appear requesting your device code, press “trust this computer” to remove this security alert.

Select the device listed in iTunes and select restore in the overview panel.

Steps to reset from the same terminal

Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Clear content and Settings”.

Enter the Apple ID code, which is the email and password to associate with the device.

Confirm process

 Generate your own DNS

Iphone Not Connecting To Internet  - How To Solve It
Iphone Not Connecting To Internet – How To Solve It

If when you put your phone in factory mode it still doesn’t work, you can generate your own DNS. DNS are servers that convert the names of the web pages into the real IP addresses where the pages are located in order to restore the connection. Some operators usually include them but these are not very fast or quickly saturate. There are free DNS that offer you high performance. The most popular are:

Google DNS:,

Open DNS:,

To be able to change the DNS in iOS:

Go to «Settings»> «WiFi»  (you must be connected) > circular button in the form of «i» (appears next to your WiFi network) > «Configure DNS»> «Manual»> «Add Server»> Enter the new DNS you have chosen> Save.

Finally, you have to restart the device for the manual DNS setting to work.

Hoping that after our advice the Internet problems with iPhone have been solved. And if your mobile still has failures with the WiFi network, it may be an antenna problem. We recommend that you visit any of our Phone Service Center stores and we will solve the problem. Also read about Pimpandhost internet archive wayback


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