Top 5 Best Scheduling Apps for For Better Time Management on iPhone

Today, in this fast-moving world, more and more people feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, chores, assignments, projects, events, they need to attend or finish. The days when people used paper to write a list or timetable of what they need to do throughout the day, month, or year are far gone. Even though there are still some people who write their tasks on paper, the majority of the population uses their iPhone to plan their time.

However, considering that there are thousands of calendar apps on the App Store, it is pretty hard to choose which one will work best for you. Many of these apps are similar in functionality, but each of them is unique in specific their own specific ways. Some apps provide minimalistic designs, while others offer intricate designs. In other words, each app has its own pros and cons, so choosing an app that satisfies your personal needs is crucial.

In this article, we will find out which are the best scheduling apps for iPhone.

  1. Google Calendar

The reason why Google Calendar is the obvious choice among users is just because it is entirely free. Also, many people are familiar with Google’s design, so it is easy for them to learn and incorporate this app in their daily life. However, even though the design is quite popular nowadays, it’s a bit complex. It lacks certain functionalities that the other calendars have.

It does not come as standard to your iPhone, so you need to download it from the App Store. This app is known for having unique reminders, real-time updates for events, shared calendars, automatic RSVPs, the ability for individual daily goals, and smart scheduling.

However, users report after a month or so of use, and it can be very efficient and easy to use. Certain features start to make sense when you add more data to the calendar. So, if you want a simple schedule app that is free, efficient, and you don’t need a calendar that relies heavily on functionality, Google Calendar is the app for you.

  1. Timepage

This calendar is exciting in its nature. What’s surprising about it is mainly the fact that it is not developed by some programming companies. Instead, it is produced by an Italian notebook and journal manufacturer. Considering this, you might think that it is not very robust? Quite the opposite. Since this Italian manufacturer called Moleskine is obsessed with design, this app really captures their spirit. It is exquisite but also packs a lot of unique features.

It looks great and performs great for everyday use. An individual function called the Heatmap distinguishes this calendar from others. It places a circle around your days, and the less colorful the ring, the less work you need to attend to. Siri integration is also possible.

Timepage is free for download, however, to use it you need to buy a subscription that is about $2 a month or $12 billed annually.

  1. Fantastical 2

For years, Fantastical 2 is considered as one of the top calendar apps for the iPhone. There is a good reason for that. It has features that are not present in any other app in the App Store.

It didn’t make number one on this list because it does not feature the whole pack since the design is pretty outdated. However, what this app lacks in the design area, it makes up in the functionality area. It is probably the cleanest and most efficient calendar app on the App Store right now. It has a $5 price tag.

  1. Calendars 5

Calendars 5 has also been around the block for some time now. It is probably the biggest competitor, Fantastical 2 has. This calendar application is extraordinary because it has excellent accessibility and functionality options.

Browsing through day/month/year, in this app is as easy as thinking about it. It is very responsive, fast, and easy to use calendar. Furthermore, the design is very modern, and you won’t be bored with it, like many of the other calendars mentioned. Language parsing is supported like Fantastical 2. However, its graphics lack in crispiness. This app is available on the App Store for $7.

  1. BusyCal

This app made it on this list because they make great macOS calendars. So, if you have a user already on macOS, it can be straightforward to sync, and you could have the same schedule on your phone as well as your mac. This means that it is straightforward to use on day-to-day bases if you own other Apple products.

It has more of a traditional look, but it surprisingly responsive and efficient. It is $5, and it is all you need for a good calendar for Mac and iPhone.

These are some of the best scheduling apps for your iPhone. Organizing your time is very important for yourself as a person, which is why you need some extra support. Try to install some of the apps and make sure you never miss any event.

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