Best iPhone Storage Cleaning Apps for 2020

There is nothing in the world more frustrating than seeing the notification saying, “There is not enough space” just before you are ready to snap a photo. The truth is, modern iPhones come with 64GB at a minimum, which is plenty enough for storing all kinds of things on your phone.

However, older versions of the iPhone had only 16GB at minimum, and when you consider that the system is going to take over 7GB of that storage, you are left with too small storage to function properly. You will face software update issues and large files like photos or videos are going to consume most of your memory.

However, with good regular cleaning, you should be able to function even with an iPhone with lower storage. There are a lot of files that we don’t need in our phones, and going through them manually is a bit of a hustle. Fortunately, there are storage cleaning apps that can help you with that issue.

  1. Cleaner Pro

The cleaner pro app is a very powerful storage optimizer that has different features that will help you remove unnecessary content from your iPhone. First of all, it will manage your address book, merge duplicate contacts, and remove the ones you don’t need anymore. It also has a smart filter that will find contacts for you instantly. Also, if you are worried about the security of your address book, Cleaner Pro can back up entire contacts and restore them.

This application is entirely free from the app store, so you should try it right away.

  1. Slidebox

As we mentioned earlier, most of your storage on your iPhone is corrupted by large media files such as images and videos. That is where Slidebox comes in. It is a complete photo manager and keeps your library organized all the time.

Unnecessary or duplicated images are highlighted so you will be able to delete them instantly. It also supports GIF format and lets you mark your photos as favorites. So, do not worry you can pick that photo of the touchdown during the SuperBowl NFL event and mark it as safe.

Since most of the media will be saved on the iCloud Photo Library, Slidebox will have no issue with that and you will still be able to manage your photos. This is a free application but it offers a premium feature for backup and other things.

  1. Smart Cleaner

We often have unwanted images that consume a lot of storage space on our phones. Smart Cleaner is an app that will allow you to remove images, contacts, or videos with ease. It has a great feature that tracks the largest file on your iPhone, where you can remove them quickly. Another great feature of this app is that it lets you organize pictures by places. The app will automatically merge duplicate contacts so you don’t need to do it by hand and back up your address book.

  1. Phone Cleaner by saar baruch

This app does a fair job of optimizing your files. It tracks duplicate content, lets you sort images or videos by size, and gives you great information about how much space you can free up by cleaning unnecessary files. Another great feature is the web-cleaning mode that optimizes the web browser and cleans any unnecessary data. This is a free application and you can download it from the app store.

  1. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

This is another photo remover, but the reason why we included this list is just that it has few features that the other apps don’t have. First of all, you can quickly mark/unmark redundant images into groups. Also, you can check their size, resolution, place, and other important details while it keeps the main copy safe in each group. It has a good layout and you are able to browse images and find out which ones you don’t need very fast.

These are some of the storage cleaning apps that work best for your iPhone. As we mentioned, the most significant storage corruptors are the images and videos, which is why most apps are based on cleaning them up. By regularly cleaning your phone, you will also improve your iPhone performance, and make your iPhone faster.


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