Full Guide On How To Turn Off Transcription On IPhone

There is a new voicemail feature that gave a reason for iPhone users to fall in love with the iPhone.This feature of the iPhone is quite helpful for its user as to when it’s activated, and its user can be able to schedule appointments and contact their clients.

How to turn off transcription on iPhone

This feature of the iPhone allows its users to read a transcription of the voicemail sent to them, and then after reading, the user can also listen to the voicemail. The voicemail feature of transferring voicemail into text is known as Voicemail Transcription on iPhone. 

Users want to know how to turn on or off the Voicemail Transcription, but you can’t do either or off at this time. It is a default feature that iPhone carries, which works on devices running at least iOS 10. Voicemail-to-text on iPhone will only work on iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and all newer models, including the iPhone X.

Necessary Steps To Use Voicemail Transcription On Iphone

  •  The users need to open the Phone app.
  • Then Tap Voicemail at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then Tap the Voicemail which you want to read.
  • You’ll see a written paragraph just above the voicemail play button, which is called the voicemail transcription.
  • Once you understand the transcription then tap the play button

How To Turn Off Voicemail Transcription:-

 Sometimes the user may want to disable the voicemail feature on our iPhone, for instance, when they are going out of the country. Whereas in some cases, the user of iOS 10, 11, 11.1, and 11.3, whoever is using the voicemail feature can sometimes face some problematic situations. Some of them say that the screen of voicemail can jam up, making it hard to move to the next voicemail, which also prompted them the need to disable voicemail features on iPhone. Read more- Best Apps For Entrepreneurs

If you are experiencing the same problems and want to disable the voicemail feature from your iPhone, then you are in the right place.

Some Elementary Steps Are Needed To Follow To Turn Off Voicemail Transcription:-

How to turn off transcription on iPhone

  1. The user needs to tap on the phone icon found on her iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Then enter the numbers *#62# and call the number to determine your voice mailbox number.
  3. Go to the setting section on your iPhone and open the menu.
  4. There go to the call forwarding option and add the voice mailbox number on the space and then exit after saving the settings.
  5. After that, go to the keypad and dial the number #404, and call to turn off voicemail on your iPhone.
  6. To confirm, call your voicemail box.
  7. To reactivate the voice mailbox feature again, you need to make a call to 004#.
  8. There is also an option of enabling divert calls on your iPhone in case you wish. Once you disabled the voicemail, you can dial #61#, and your phone will have a ‘no answer’ response. You can also make users busy respond by just dialing 67.

Necessary Steps To Turn Off Visual Voicemail Iphone:-

To turn off visual voicemail, the user first needs to go to the home screen phone icon then on the menu bar, and from there Settings. In the setting, open voicemail and then Notification then Advanced, and at last select options to turn on or off.

When the transcription feature faces difficulty transcribing the words spoken on the voicemail, the messages will tag as Transcription Beta header on your iPhone.

To view this transcribed message, tap on an individual voicemail within the Voicemail tab in the Phone app you will be able to see a Transcription Beta header with the transcribed voicemail underneath.


So from here, we can conclude that the voicemail transcription feature on the iPhone is not perfect. Still, it gives the user an overall idea of what the person is talking about and helps differentiate the message from a telemarketer. Once you’ve read about voicemail transcription, you can choose to listen to the voicemail or delete it.


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