Steps How To Auto-reply Text Messages In iPhone

Suppose you are busy and middle of something and all of a sudden you see your phone screen light up and an important call that you cannot cut but cannot even pick up because of the situation that you are in. It is too important to let go but you have to let them know that you will get in touch. How will you do that? It is very easy.

Steps How To Auto-reply Text Messages In iPhone

Now technology has advanced so much that a function known as auto-respond has been introduced for those busy bees. Auto responds or auto reply text messages is a feature that each and every phone has because of its suitability and how it serves the purpose of the person using the phone.

The feature mainly aims to let the user be in charge as it allows the user to inform the people calling in distress or emergency that the user will get in touch after a while or any important message that is recorded in auto-respond mode.

How does it work?

Steps How To Auto-reply Text Messages In iPhone

The auto reply text messages is a recorded text that you can write according to your needs, suiting your purposes so that it serves you best. This flexibility has allowed the user of the phone to cover each and every text replies suiting to each situation that they have imagined themselves caught in between. You can record any message you want and send it if someone tries to reach you when you are too busy to reply or even call back.

You can let them know that you will contact them back or something related to this sort of fitting to your preference. There are already various registered auto-text reply iPhone. You can add as many as you want.

How to add?

If you want to keep your contacts informed about the reason why you couldn’t receive the phone or text them back then registered auto-respond to text messages iPhone is the best way to do so. Let us tell you how to do everything. Read more- Iphone hacks and tricks

How to add the ‘do not disturb control system’?

  • Select the string option on your phone.
  • Tap on the control center.
  • Now tap on customizing the control.
  • Tap on the text that you want forward.

How to set up messages?

Steps How To Auto-reply Text Messages In iPhone


  • Open the setting.
  • Tap to do not disturb.
  • Scroll down to the message that you want to forward.
  • Tap Activate.
  • In this particular step, you can choose manually to whom you want to forward this message if they contact you while you are busy. You will be given four options
    • No one
    • Recent
    • Favorite
    • All contact.
  • choose what you prefer.

How to add new auto-reply settings?

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on ‘do not disturb’
  • Scroll down and tap on auto-reply
  • Add the text that you want in accordance with your situation.

Some important texts you can add:

There are various away messages iPhone text that you can add on your phone.

If you are a businessman:

  1. At a meeting, call you later.
  2. Text me, cannot call. Caught up in something.
  3. I am driving right now.
  4. Almost there.
  5. Out of the office, reach……. for anything.

these out of office text messages iPhone will work wonderfully.

If you are a student:

  1. In the class, calling you later.
  2. On my way to attend the lecture.
  3. Is the professor in the classroom?
  4. Attending a lecture, calling you later.
  5. Driving. Talk later.
  6. In the library, we cannot pick up.


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