10 iPhone Hacks and Tricks to Max Out Your Phone’s Abilities

How many iPhone users do you think are in the United States? Well, there are over 100,000 iPhone users as of 2020. Many of these users have no idea how to use the full functionality of their iPhone.

Are you trying to figure out more about iPhone hacks and tricks to get the most out of your phone? Read this article to learn more about iPhone abilities.

1. Faster Charging When You Need It

What’s worse than not being able to find your iPhone? It’s finding your iPhone battery is flat just when you’re leaving your home. You need to charge your iPhone fast.

Your iPhone is using the charge from your battery the whole time. It’s not just consuming energy when you’re making calls or searching the web. It’s using energy to sit there monitoring the Wi-Fi connection, listening for calls, and more.

To stop your iPhone from doing this, you can use the airplane mode. You’ll find it in your settings.

Airplane Mode is the flight safe mode. You can use it when you need to make sure that your iPhone doesn’t interfere with the safe operation of an airplane when you’re onboard.

Engaging airplane mode suspends all the unnecessary communication your iPhone is doing in the background. It’ll give you a little more juice when you need it by stopping your iPhone using energy while you try to grab a few minutes of charge before you leave your home.

2. Doing Your Level Best

You may have noticed that your iPhone comes with several apps that you don’t use. They’re apps you can’t delete, so you probably hid them away somewhere and forgot about them.

One of these apps might be more useful than you think. The Compass app may not have captured your imagination.

You may be thinking: unless you’re lost in the desert, you won’t need to know what direction you’re facing. Even if you’re lost in the desert and you use the Compass app to find out where north is, how will that help?

The secret power of the Compass app is not the traditional north finding capability. You need to swipe left to reveal the really useful capability; it’s a spirit level.

Use the digital spirit level to check that the picture frame is hung correctly. Use it for various DIY tasks like fitting shelves and laying floor tiles. Do take your iPhone out of any case you have it in, as this will affect the precision-engineered digital spirit level.

3. Auto Focus Lock

When you take pictures with your iPhone you probably know how to focus. You tap the screen on the image at the point you want your focus to be set. When you move, the focal point is lost.

This can be overcome by touching the screen for a little longer. The AF Locked message will display and you can move without losing the focal point.

4. Music off When You Want It

There are tunes that are great for sending us off to sleep. If you use your iPhone to help you drift off, you might also find that it wakes you later with some less restful beats.

You can set your iPhone to switch off the music using the Timer app. Open the Clock app and touch the Timer. Set the timer to end with the option to “Stop Playing.”

5. Swipe to Go Back

There’s a useful feature in several apps that allows you to go back to the previous screen. You might be looking for a back button or an arrow but you won’t find it. You simply swipe from left to right and you’re back to the previous screen.

Try this option when you’re in Safari or Messages. It’s in several other apps too.

6. Flashing Notifications

Sometimes, it’d be really useful to have a visual sign that you have a notification waiting for your attention. A flashing light would be great.

Check out the Accessibility options; you’ll find them in your Settings. Select General and then Accessibility. The LED Flash for Alerts option enables the light show whenever you get an alert.

7. Your Home Screen

Safari allows you to save frequently used links to websites on the Safari home page. Wouldn’t it be better to link to frequently used webpages directly from the iPhone home page?

Using Safari, visit the website you want to link to. Touch the Share button and then select “add to Home screen.”

Your iPhone will now have what looks like a new app. It’s actually a link to the website.

8. Take a Photo Without Touching Your Phone

It sounds like a barroom bet. “I bet I can take a photo with my iPhone without touching my phone.” You really can.

Like you can use the volume buttons on your iPhone to take a photo instead of touching the screen, you can use the volume button on your headphones; they have to be compatible and connected. They can act as a remote shutter control.

9. Speedy Search

When typing a URL, you don’t have to type the full web address. When you get to the full stop or period in the web address, just hold down the key. A shortlist of suffixes will be displayed for you to select the right one.

10. Delivery Times

Your iPhone knows when you sent a message but do you? Swipe from right to left when viewing your messages and the time stamp for each message will be revealed.

Use These iPhone Hacks and Tricks

These iPhone hacks and tricks can give you even more functionality from your already function-rich phone. Try them. They might not change your life, but they’ll make it a little easier or a little more fun.

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