The Best Business Travel Planner Apps for iPhone

Traveling is stressful, especially when you’re traveling frequently for business. Start this year off organized and less stressed by trying out a business travel planner app.

We’re here to help with a complete guide of our favorite travel planner apps and why we love them so that you can find the perfect one for you and your travel needs! Keep reading to learn more information that may help you during your next adventure.


This app is your go-to for all things airport. This is a great app for anyone who has quick connecting flights to catch, as it provides directories and maps of over 3,000 airports. It will also track flight arrivals and departures so that all your flight and airport info is in one helpful place.

This app is free, and can also help direct you to connect to the airport’s wifi so that you can work and check emails in between flights. Upgrade your airport experiences through the app by purchasing entrances into airport VIP lounge areas.

The app also offers discounts and coupons at participating airports, so that you can save on pricey refreshments.

This is a great option for anyone who spends a lot of time at the airport and wants all of this information in one convenient place.

Pay stubs

This app is a great way to make sure your finances are in order and it’s perfect for any traveling business person. You can generate and customize pay stubs straight from your phone, that you can download or print in minutes.

You enter in some information, and they do the rest for you.

If you’re a busy traveler, this is a great way to leave your accounting to someone else. Head to to learn more about pay stubs.

Hotel Tonight

This can be a super helpful app in getting hotel rooms fast. This app is great to have downloaded for any traveler because you’ll never know when you’ll be in a pinch, like a canceled flight.

The app works with hotels that have available rooms that they are giving out at a discounted price.

This is a great way to get a room right away, for less. The app uses your location to show you the nearest hotels at the lowest prices.

Trip by Sky scanner

If you have some time to explore the city your visiting, this is an app that can help you figure out what you should do. This app takes different aspects such as weather, time of day, and location to find things to do near you.

From great restaurants and bars to activities, museums, and monuments, this app has you covered so that you can see and do most efficiently on your trip.

They have a section called “tribes” that filters you towards things other business travelers have enjoyed. This is a great way to see other people’s reviews and advice.

Be a Business Travel Planner Pro with These Helpful Apps

These business travel planner apps are all so useful to have if you’re always on the go for work.

Download them today so you can start traveling with ease and organization.

For more info on apps, tech, and more, head to our site and see what you can find!





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