Drupal As a Content Management System: Reasons to Use

One of the most difficult tasks in your business is undoubtedly choosing the perfect content management system that is going to provide all the functionalities that are necessary for your business to thrive. Many businesses end up choosing the wrong content management system and suffer because of the wrong decision that they have made. This is why it is suggested that you consider using Drupal. Drupal is not just a regular content management system right now, as stated by www.forbes.com. It is one of the biggest systems that have been competing with several enterprise systems for supporting important business processes, data analytics, as well as reporting within complex organizations. It is a web application framework because it permits delivering performance as well as important web applications along with web services. If you are not convinced, you can consider the reasons that have been mentioned below that will state why Drupal is ideal for you. 

Business agility

The time between any releases should fit with the strategic planning that you have. This is something that you are going to get with Drupal. This is undoubtedly one of the best bonuses for organizations because new functionalities are added quickly even before you can expect. Drupal also helps you to adapt to the current market quickly along with all the environmental changes in several cost-effective and productive manners. Adaptability is going to serve your business and help you to achieve great performance at a low cost and it also helps in increasing user engagement. In addition, with all the next releases, it is going to get even better.


Drupal is responsible for supporting the busiest sites in the world. For example, it supports Twitter, weather.com, the White House, the Economist, etc. This platform is capable of handling huge traffic spikes as well as constant streams of the high volume of traffic. 

Integration capabilities

This is undoubtedly one of the best things that are responsible for making Drupal great. Drupal fits perfectly within the ecosystem without any hassle. Apart from providing a sophisticated system of contact management as well as digital capabilities of marketing, this platform is also responsible for properly implementing functionality and connected with the help of web services as well as several other means. The platform is going to be particularly useful while integrating with several other services, which you are not interested in exposing to the public, like accounting software, CRM, etc. It is also a great way of using Drupal as using the newest part within your ecosystem while consuming the existing services. You can also present them with the help of Drupal to minimize architectural changes. The integration capabilities of this content management software are responsible for falling under the SaaS category. 


Drupal is undoubtedly one of the best tools for managing content and it has several benefits in comparison to the other content management systems. For instance:

  • It already searches engine optimized with the help of several tools that include keyword management, content tagging, and optimization of content as well as reports, redirect management, page titles, Google analytics, an XML sitemap.
  • It helps in amazing digital integration with several media platforms and is also capable of handling different kinds of files. 
  • It can support the content strategy over several kinds of media, thereby making the content adaptable to several channels as well as devices. 

Drupal is responsible for featuring tools, which support COPE, which in turn means, create once, publish everywhere. This strategy helps in completing a lot of work by fewer people and helps in saving time as well as effort in an extremely user-friendly manner. All these tools have undoubtedly allowed the content maintainers to manage data easily and create several lists of topics as well as categories. CMS Drupal should be your choice when it comes to content creation and management. 


Drupal is also an accessible content management system because it is capable of integrating accessibility standards within the core code. Drupal is responsible for sticking to its standards since it has been introduced to the users. 


You also need to understand that Drupal is responsible for having a security team, which is working on the different security patches that are constantly being reported by the users. Since it is an open-source content management system, it is responsible for forcing both efficiencies as well as transparency. You can be assured that your website is going to be perfectly safe along with all the information that is present. You need to ensure that you are updating the system as and when the security patches are released. 

Multilingual capacities

Another reason as to why you should consider using Drupal is that it has amazing multilingual capacities and helps in creating language strategies. You have the option of deciding whether the content that you are posting can be translated and if blank pages are going to be displayed in case translations are not available. It is your decision whether you are interested in having a multilingual administrative interface. You can provide your team as well as users the ability to use the language that they prefer, which is undoubtedly a great idea of improving engagement. Apart from that, the language-specific communities are also responsible for offering the system with several important resources as well as information. 


Unlike the other content management systems, Drupal is responsible for having few limitations, when it comes to meeting the requirements of any particular organization. It will be responsible for supporting the logic of your business and will provide your organization with several personalized applications, without hampering usability. You will also be able to customize the roles and permissions of the users. 


Drupal is also responsible for providing essential tools that will help with content creation as well as publishing. This system is also capable of supporting adaptive and responsive development and it can deliver content across several devices. 


One thing that you need to understand is that numerous content management systems are available but you cannot use them all. Consider the list of the reasons that have been mentioned above, which will help you decide why you should select Drupal. 



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